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From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excalibur.
Copyright (C) 1983 Homer Wilson Smith

     The following 2 footnotes were left out of the original
manuscript due to a fear of repercussions.  They have been
added here in their entirety.

     There are three basic philosophies extant on Earth at this
time.  They differ in what they consider to exist, and who or
what is responsible for it.

     The first group believe that Matter, Energy, Space and Time
are the primal materials of the universe and that all intelligence,
purpose and consciousness arose out of complexities formed of this
     These people believe that there is no personal responsibility for
the existance of the universe either with themselves or with some
supreme God.  They also believe that since they are a body,
a fragile complexity of matter and forms, and that their consciousness
is a function of the proper working of this complexity of forms, that
when their body dies, they will die never to live again.  They have
no memory of any past existance, no awareness of having chosen their
present lifetime for some intelligent purpose and they have a very hard
time planning for the next billion years because they figure they
won't be around to enjoy it.
     These people have many names in the languagues of Earth depending
on what other group is refering to them.  To some they are called
Secular Humanists, to others Dyed in the Wool Physicists, or Scientists of the
of the Rock.
We shall call them Ephemerals.
Their greatest sin is Seduction.
     There is an old saying that
absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Well the most absolute power
there is is the ability to escape the consequences of
your own actions.
Believing that they only live once and can only die once they have
no motivation to secure a happy and well ordered future for themselves
beyond the few years they are on Earth.  Most are very involved in
making sure their present sojourn is all the better
at the expense of the
future suffering of untold trillions of other's lives into the future.
They ALL do it some, and can not help it because
they consider others are doing it to them.  Why be noble when
nothing and no one else is?

     The second group of people believe in the existance of a Supreme
Being who made them out of nothing and can return them back into
nothing if they are not good, obedient or well indoctrinated.
These also have no feeling for past existances, especially any
agreement with or request by them made of their Supreme Being to let
them have this life on Earth.  Further they have no plans to come
back, feeling that their God would refuse them the opportunity to have
more than one life on Earth even if they should wish one.
     They are often characterized by believing that Earth is the only
planet in the whole universe with life on it
and have a hard time spanning billions of light years with billions
of galaxies with billions of suns with billions of planets.
     Why would Carl Sagan have made a better president than George Bush?
Because Bush is always talking about a thousand points of light,
and Sagan is always talking about 'billions and billions...'!
     These people are also characterized by concentration on a Savior
that however godlike will only be able to save a few or the chosen.
The rest are destined forever to suffer in darkness or eternal
separation from God.  These
unfortunate others of course are anyone who does
not follow their religion to the letter, even if it is an identical
religion with a different name.  Since these people never know who
or will be saved
and who isn't or won't be saved they have a hard time making
friends or developing
deep and meaningful relationships with others even of their
own kind.  Who wants to make friends with someone who at the
last moment is going to hell?
     They have weird relationaships with their kids as they figure
God will hold it against them if their kid goes to hell.
It makes them feel a bit hysterical
to realize they won't be around to keep
the reins in on their kid after they die.
     They also feel that since it is RIGHT that the bad guys go to
hell and it is God's will in the end anyhow, that they have a
MORAL DUTY to dispatch these poor souls to their destination
forthwith so that God will not have to bother.
In fact they figure God will hold it against them if they don't
make sure people get their just desserts.
     It does not occur to them that God might want them to figure out
WHY the guy is evil so that they might fix him.  They figure
people were made by God, God is not comprehensible, so people
are not comprehensible.  Very comprehensible.
So better to dispatch the criminal to his grave and just reward rather
than sit around trying to understand him where he could
escape and do more damage.
     They also feel that Heaven will be such a good place because they
won't have to think about all the bad people and places ever again.
Let alone DO anything about it.
They 'do their share'
during their 'one and only' lifetime
and then they leave it FOREVER to others
to handle.
     These people couldn't come back even if they wanted to.
     And they don't want to.  Cowards one and all.
     These people are characterized by the Sin of Temptation.
They preach about damnation and hell fire and what you should and
shouldn't do, all the while they are visiting prostitutes and
having sex with children or members of the same sex.  All of which
would be fine except that they make their lives preaching how wrong
it all is.  It is the Temptation in their souls that leads them
into the life of preaching in the first place.
These people devote their whole lives to putting people in the jails
they themselves belong in.
     For want of a better name we shall call them the FUNDAMENTALISTS.
This is because they always have some Book or other that they claim
is the REVEALED WORD OF GOD which always has much to say about
However it is never
a Book written AFTER the research, but always BEFORE the research.
Research is only allowed in the direction of corroborating the Book
with violent and unthinkable penalties to those who should
choose otherwise.
the research becomes the slave of the Book rather than the Book
becoming the slave of the research.

     The third and last group of people we shall call the
IMMORTALISTS.  These people have an extensive awareness of
their past existances and a heavy feeling of shame, fear
and trepidation
concerning it.  They do not have a good memory of their
past track but they know that the way to remember something
is to remember forgetting it.  They
also know that the way to remember forgeting something is
to practice forgetting it again.  However they live in terror
that they might remember what it was that happened so long ago and
are forever caught in the decision to be here and to leave at
all costs.
     These people believe that the universe was created by all
its inhabitants including themselves at the beginning of time.
This act of creation was forgotten on purpose to better be a Creature
in the universe rather than a Creator of the universe.  Their
awareness of their total shared co responsibility for things
as they are leads them to think and plan many many life times
into the future, as far as they can.
     Such people are tolerant
of all religions although they weary of being persecuted by
the intolerant religions and groups of the second and first kind
mentioned above.  However they are aware they have
had their hand in such religions
in their past existances both with and without a body, and that
their errors and 'sins' of those days have created the
situations they find themselves in now.
     They do not believe
in an absolute Karma that does bad to all who do bad and good
to all who do good, nor do they believe in a far off God handing
out justice in a manner that no one can understand.  Instead
they believe that if you let the cat out of the bag, it might
come and sit in your lap.
They believe that this rule applies to one and all with absolute
     These people are guilty of the sin of Corruption.  They have
let the creation of the world slip so far out of their hands
that they have started to believe their own bug-a-boos.  This
starts them down the path of Corruption, Temptation and
to the point where they start to become what they
feared the most.
     In fact they consider that their brethern of the
first two kinds mentioned above are really their friends of
yore who should know better.
They understand however that
although the undertow of life and ignorance
is tremendous and outrageous,
the dwindling spiral can be
reversed with applications of re-operating
recognition and non-recognition
of responsibility
for condition.  They would consider this wisdom.

     Each of the these three different groups considers
each of the others
two groups thoroughly possesed and out of contact with reality.
It is here you will find most of the cause of conflict
and agony on planet Earth.

     As it turns out, the last group, the IMMORTALS,
are the correct ones
and the other two are very very wrong.

     The primary error of the Immortals is to refuse to take
full responsibility for the silliness and Majesty of the first two.

     From ADORE,

     Immortals who hate Mortals have some Karma to face.
     Namely, Mortals who hate Immortals are despicable.

     Karma is involvement with hidden shames of the past.
     Shame is a waste of time.

     So is Karma.

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