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Date:         Thu, 15 Jun 89 21:21:39 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

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What happens to us BETWEEN lifetimes is endlessly more important
than what happens DURING a lifetime.

     I belong to a very interesting religion.  I was brought up as
a Christian and have a certain amount of affinity for it.  However
I have spent the good part of my life reading and studying the
other religions on the planet and after seeing the pure range
of thought that is available I often wonder where my fellow
Christian bretheran have been all these years with their nose
in their One Book, while the rest of life progressed on around them
without them.
     The Christians are always 100 years behind the times.
They have
admitted the Earth is not the center of the Physical Universe,
but they still haven't admitted the Earth is not the center
of the Spiritual Universe.  This is hysterical because
Earth is a PRISON PLANET containing the refuse of 100's of
civilizations on dozens of planets through out a vast empire
of interstellar societies.
     These societies tend to be rather
suppressive though.  They are into conformism.  Thus there are three
types of people they especially don't like.  Criminals, Perverts, and
Geniuses.  Thus if a person is a Slime or has an IQ above 200
they get sent to Earth.  This would explain why Earth is
so crazy, yet has some of the best Religion, Science, Art
and Business around.
     The fact that Earth is a prison planet explains why even
though you are an infinite Immortal Being, no one on Earth can
remember their past lives or past track.  It has been executed
out of them.
We are here for the duration buddy, unless we clean up our
act and widen our Scope, Span, Depth and Field.
Then we might all go back and clean up the jerks that sent us
     This also explains why Earth is so ALONE, why there is no
hint of extra terrestrial life forms.  Earth is CONTROLLED.
An interstellar Devil's Island if you will, owned and operated
by some rather heartless compatriots.  The ratio of insanity
to genius on Earth is about the same as the civilations we
all come from, so do not expect too much compassion from them
as we expand out into space.
     Earth is however far out on the galactic rim, way in the
middle of nowhere so to speak.  They tire of keeping their
outposts here and most contain interstellar spider webs by now.
They also realize that their own civilizations are going down hill
and that on Earth are some of the special people
that can help turn them around into another Galactic Golden
     Not that they deserve much help.  You might ask why are
the keepers of Earth so cruel and heartless.  Well they are spirits
just like anyone else, but their job is Jail Warden instead of
concert pianist or scientist.  You know how it is on Earth in our
jails.  The people who keep the criminals are often worse than
the criminals.  So it is on Earth.  Our interstellar captors have
put us in the hands of people who manifest more petty tyranny
than compassion.   Just as our society does not keep careful
watch over what goes on behind our own jail house doors, the places
we come from are not aware of or don't care about how their
prisoners (us) are treated.
     For those of you who find this hard to swallow, just
remember it took over a million volts to wipe out your
A free being can generate a million volts just by thinking
about it.  THAT is what they used a million volts to make
you forget.  So there is a lot of POWER tied up in these
subjects.  Its a bit hard on the body.  But bodies
are like cars, you can get in and out of them
and operate them
from a safe distance.  Once you begin to remember why
you are so IN one in the first place, that is.
     Also once you get out of your body you will lose your fear
of 'dying'.  Bodies after all come a dime a dozen.  Good families
to get born into though are very hard to find.  Most are deadly
suppressive.  Remember the ratio of Criminals from these other
interstellar civilizations is very high.
Many of these 'learned their lesson'
and decided that becoming a conformist was the safest way to live.
Thus they become 'righteous upstanding' citizens of this Planet.
Totally worthless in all respects but approved of by everybody
who is not a Genius.
     These people are also very convinced that the best way to
handle a criminal or any unwanted element is to put them in jail
or execute them in painful and humiliating ways.  Do unto others
as others have done unto you.  People who feel that criminals
should be executed have been executed as criminals in their
previous civilizations.
     Its fine to want to murder someone who has just raped and
tortured your entire family to death, but to institute this
as enlightened public policy is pure insanity.
These executed (and unrehabilitated spirits) just come back
as your kids for their next body and
they are even more murderous than before.
Executing criminals is very much like sweeping the dirt under
the rug.  Only difference is you get to send it to school
a few years later on down the road.
     However if you do get clear of your Body and even of your need
to have a new body once your present one is gone a whole new world
of action awaits you.  You won't have to work to support a body
because you won't have one.
You will probably take care of your present body until it dies
a natural death.  But you won't necessarily pick up a new one
if you don't want to.
You won't have to go to school for the 3 millionth lifetime learning
second hand stuff.  Stuff that was
passed on down from planet to planet,
and was designed to control you anyway.
They just wipe it out every lifetime between lives to boot.
You won't have to
do or be a million other things that all add up to REGIMENTATION.
That is how they keep you imprisoned.  They keep you BUSY.
And they won't be able to TORTURE you.
Wouldn't that be nice?
But boy will you be able to do a number on THEM!
If you can generate a million volts just by thinking about it, imagine
how much you could generate if you put some enthusiasm into it.
A very few really have it coming to them.

     By the way if you ever do get out of your body, don't tell
anyone.  They will just want to use your abilities
for their own War games.
If you do not agree to help them, they will take your friends and
torture THEM until you comply.  You regain a LOT of direct power
(from what I hear) when you attain separation from your body,
but not enough to fight off 9 or 10 governments who all
want you for their side.  Remember if you can travel through
your skull and see with out physical senses then you can
travel through the Pentagon and
see without permission.
Secrets become a thing of the
     This is as it should be.  Without Secrets or Regimentation
there can be
no War or oppression.  But don't do it alone.  You won't win.
And your friends will get burned.

Just because it has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval does not
mean it is the Word of God.

     Earth seems to be filled with people who believe diametrically
opposite things.  Some people believe in ghosts and some don't.
Some believe in God and some don't.
Some believe man is basically bad, and some believe he is basically
To believe that ghosts exist when they don't is insane.  To believe
that ghosts DON'T exist when they do exist would also be insane.
But either ghosts exist or they don't so someone is crazy.
With so many absolute differences of opinion on so many
different subjects
it's hard not to conclude that
half the planet is insane.  Which half however, ah well now thats
the question isn't it...

.ce ADORE-L Charter.

     If you hate Jews, that's fine.  If you hate Nazis, even better.
If you hate Christians, that's best of all.

     The purpose of the charter is not to promote racism, but to
air it so that we can all become reconciled in our basic humanity.
Class is an attitude.  That ALL should live forever and be my friend.

     The purpose of ADORE is this end.  To attain the state of
CLASS.  A state of GRACE with ourselves and our brothers,
with God and with Source

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/15/89 No subject