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Date:         Thu, 15 Jun 89 21:36:16 EDT
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Gods don't know by looking.  They don't know by faith either.
Gods know by CREATION.  To find out if you created something,
create it again.  The Way In is the Way Out.

     Past lives have come to have a bad name.  If you wander
through various mental institutions you will invariably find
many inmates all of whom think they are Napoleon.  The first
one says 'I am Napoleon', the second one says "I am Napoleon'.
     However if past lives are indeed true, then somewhere
there must be the person who really was Napoleon.  However
since so many people claim to be the very same person, he
is probably not given much credence.  You can  probably
imagine in some institution somewhere, some poor soul going
'But I really AM Napoleon!'
     Probably he is in the instituion BECAUSE no one would
believe him.  This can drive you batty.  More likely though
he is some great general or other in this lifetime too,
and thinks Napoleon was a jerk who lost.
     Recently there has been much attention from the media
about past lives as various Hollywood stars have come out
and said they believed they were so and so in some past life.
The most notorious of these is Shirley MacLaine who made a
whole movie about the subject.  On the other hand there
are people like Sheena Easton who think it is all just
a bunch of gibberish.
     Her attitude is, 'Ever notice how everyone always thinks
they were someone famous in a past life?'  We can just see it now.
100 years from now in her next body, people will ask Sheena who
she thought she was in 1988 and she will say 'Sheena Easton'.  And
everyone will say 'Yeah Right.'  Ah well, what goes around,
comes around.

Cult Awareness.

     The word CULT comes from the word CULTURE and CULTURED which
have as their original roots the word CIVILIZATION.
The usual connotation of
the word civil means something along the lines of
friendly cooperation towards
national and personal goals
of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical betterment.

     Unfortunately today the word CULT has come to mean something
on the order of ANTI-CULTURED or anti-civil.  Probably the single most
defining characteriistic of cults today is alienation.  This word comes
from the word ALIEN meaning not of this world.  But we are all of this
world, hence the underlying insanity pervasive in true 'cults'.
     The alientation is clearly presented by the belief in the cult that
there is an US and a THEM.  Sometimes the THEM are people the US's are
trying to convert into the cult, but more often the THEM's are people
who will NEVER come into the cult.  It is this last situation that we
have to be most concerned about.

     There are quite a few religions on the planet and they all have
different attitudes about the THEM's and the US's.  Some of eastern
religions are very tolerant of other religions and non religious folks,
considering that all are working together to raise the consciousness of
the denizens of Planet Earth.  Their attitude is sort of like America
cooperating with Canada or Russia in international operations without
having to feel that all Canadians and Russians should become Americans.
In fact it would be undesirable.  The planet is multi-continental, and
should be multi-civil also.  There is no advantage to having just one
species alive of anything.
     The Jews have a more non committal view about the THEM's in their
lives.  Their religion is not a CONVERSION religion either, there is no
primary mandate to go out and SAVE or CONVERT
others not of the religion.
In fact the Jews kind of feel that their religion goes well with their
biological and genetic track and that bringing others into the religion
would alter the biological identity and heredity of their species.
It is sort of like Whites and Blacks can live together amicably on the
planet without having a primary mandate to interbreed to make everyone
the same.  There is also a certain amount of pride in being either
White or Black and thus one can,
if he should so want,
take care not to ruin the purity of
the biological heritage.  One can have these feelings with out being
a racist.  Just because YOU want to breed with those of your own kind,
does not mean you abhor interacial marriages or that
you wish the others would not breed at all.  In fact
mature people can admire the biological purity of many different races
and work towards the safe keeping of such continentally determined
differences and beauty.
What works well in America will not work at all in Africa.  Get it?

     The Christians on the other hand are a very different breed of
animal.  I was born and raised a Christian.  I went to Christian
schools, I sang 'Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty' every morning
at hymnal, listened to readings from the Bible until I could recite
them from memory and took much enjoyment from the
Christmas and Easter pageants that
are part of such a life.
I have a strong love for Christianity and the Christian Spirit when
it is honest, and I have a deep and emotional relationship with Christ
although not always a friendly one.
     The Christians however are very definitely a conversion
religion.  EVERYBODY must be a Christian or die.  It is ironic though
that the people who are the most fanatic about other races and types
of people
converting to Christianity are the most admanant about them not
marrying their daughters.  Equal but separate.  Thus you have racism
pressurized and contained with in the confines of 'everyone must love
everyone' and gather under the same God.
     Whenever you find the alienation BUILT into the religion,
you gotta watch out.  You see the Christians have a very definitly
interesting view.  There are the US's and the THEM's, but it is written
into their religion that MOST of the THEM's will NEVER convert through
no fault but their own.  Thus FOREVER there will be people who are
will not become CHRISTIANS no matter how much time you give them.
Thus there have to be two different consequences FOREVER that will
befall to these two different groups.  The Christians go to heaven
FOREVER and the non Christians go to hell FOREVER.
The foreverness of it arises out of the desire to convert people
who will NEVER (FOREVER) convert.  If all people would convert,
or if the desire to convert everyone were to vanish the need
to have these particular FOREVERS in the religion would vanish too.
     The eastern religions do not have this problem because they figure
not only is God good, but so are people, and everyone will eventually
attain the awakened state even if it is 10,000 lifetimes down the
road on a different planet.  God is patient as a parent ought to be.
Further they don't care what religion or practice the person finally
makes its way to
Total freedom with.  They can do it with a Wendy's hamburger
for all they care.  It is the END that counts, not the MEANS.
10,000 lifetimes from now, 10,000 planets away it won't be called
Christianity, that's for sure.
Those people will never have heard of
the Christ that died on a Cross on THIS planet.

     No Christian can tell if any other Christian
is saved.  That is part of their philosophy.  Even at the very last
moment anyone of them has the potential of not repenting and going
to hell.  Thus all Christians are forever unsure of the fate of
their good friends.  This does not lead
to close and endearing relationships nor to a
tranquil life.
Most Christians die of cancer.  Or war.
Christian feels he will be held reponsible if someone he might have
helped goes to hell.
Thus Christians spend all of their time trying to make sure YOU are
saved so THEY don't have to worry about THEIR fate.
When Christians teach their children that they will go to HELL FOREVER
and EVER if they don't believe what the parent tells them, they also
teach the child that the PARENT will go to HELL FOREVER and EVER if
the child does not believe what the parent tells him.
When a parent
does this to a child it is child abuse pure and simple and should
be treated as such. It's ok to f**k a kid in the mind but not
in the body?

     The hypocrisy on Earth is so thick it is like a wall.
You can hammer nails into it and hang pictures of smiling
faces from them.
However there is mercy even for Christians.
Undoubtedly on that planet 10,000 lifetimes down the road.

     In this society we have been offered two alternatives.  One
is DEATH FOREVER, and is offered by the materialist scientist
types who can not measure the soul so say there is none.  They know
better but prefer to keep you under control and unhappy by making sure
YOU don't know better.  There are of course also those who WANT to die.
Those who do not WANT to be Immortal.  These people KNOW they will live
forever, but want to BELIEVE they won't.  Thus they hold to the fragile
nature of the body as proof that they will die one day.  It gives
them HOPE that they will be no more once the body is gone.
They know better
but wish they didn't.

     They never get out of their bodies because
their game would be up.
They would see that they are not a body and so are Immortal.
Nor do they allow anyone else to even talk
about the subject and will put you away in a mental instituion to make
sure you shut up.  They are in a kind of Hell.
Their Hell is not that they are going to die, but that they are NOT
going to die and wish they could.  Their 'one and only' mortal life
which they believe in so hard is their drug, their answer to
forgetting the God awful truth that they have lived forever and will
continue to do so.  An interesting mess.

     You are NOT a body.  You are IN a body.  Probably the 50th or so
you have had on Earth.  Before that, well before that NO ONE wants
to talk about.

     You don't HAVE a soul.  You ARE a soul.  You are your own
immortal soul.  A soul is a conscious unit.
An operating pride source. Pride is CAUSE, not effect.
You feel pride FIRST and produce the product SECOND.  You do NOT
produce the product first and THEN feel the pride.
Pride is operating craftsmanship of class.
That's all.  Pride is source.

     The second alternative you have been offered is not that you are
going to DIE forever with your body's death, but that you will go to
Heaven or Hell FOREVER when your body dies.  The good guys will
go to Heaven and the Bad guys will go to Hell.  Won't it be just grand?
We can all stand around in some bar in Heaven joking about the fate
of our worst enemies.  And Best friends too who just didn't buy the
gobbledy gook.
     Christians think that Heaven is a place where they can forget
their memory.  Of Earth.  You think that after a thousand
years in Heaven they will still be mulling over the good times they
had on Earth?
Well maybe the bad times.  Then they can feel that inward jab
of satisfaction knowing that that a*shole who used to bother them
all the time is screaming his pants off in hell.
     And after Earth falls back into the sun,
Heaven will become a closed
society because there will be no more people to come into Heaven.
I mean 40,000 years of the same 186,256 people, don't you think
they would get a little bored of each other?
God would have to make another planet of stupid suffering assholes
if they gonna have any new friends.  But just one new planet at a time.
God wouldn't want to have to handle two.
Let alone billions and trillions of teeming planets all over this
universe and a thousand others.
     Heaven is a BIG place.  Fundamentalists
don't get to go there.
The Lord reserves a special place in Hell for Christians.  Eternal
on Earth or some other neat joint until they
wake up, wise up and grow out for real.

     The third alternative is not offered on Earth.  But it is the
true alternative and is offered by ADORE.  You are Immortal, you
always have been Immortal, and you always will be Immortal.  You CHOSE
to enter this universe yourself created by
another set of kindred spirits you now
call 'God', and you will leave this universe to enjoy others.
    Nothing is forever except Peace for all.  Universes are finite,
all must end one day, and will end when all have been saved.
That may be a billion trillion years from now, but it is a countable
billion trillion years from now.  And in the meantime, while you
are cleaning up your act and going about the business of being saved,
why don't you have some fun?  The more you create now that is good,
the more there will be to enjoy when you come back in
your next life time.  Which is it going to be?  A boy or a girl?
     Or if you are really bright why don't you just scrap your
addiction to bodies and suffering, and not come back in a body at all
next life?  I am told there are a lot of
things to do out there that have
nothing to do with having a body.  Hiding is not one of them though.
However the way in is the way out.

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From ADORE.  A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.

     Scientists don't mind if you believe in God.  They kind of
wish they believed in God too.  They just don't want to be
told the world was created 4000 years ago and that
explains the trilobite they are holding in their hands.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/15/89 No subject