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Date:         Thu, 15 Jun 89 21:52:53 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     This needs to be said.,

     One should write the book to match the research and not
write the research to match the book.

     Any person or group that has a book or piece of paper
with words written on it that they hold to be the facts
before the research is done can not possibly do the
research without trying to match the book.  One must drive
in the direction of the road you are on and not in the direction
of where you want to go.  The road may eventually lead to where
you want to go, but it may not.

     One the other hand if such a person is willing to hold up
his book for review claiming that EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE AND
NEEDED AS THE RESEARCH IS DONE can possibly be said to have
his personal integrity intact as he can rewrite the book to
match the research.

     However any group that holds its written work to be
the unfallible word of God, necessarily can not change the
book once it has done the research and so can not be
given serious scientific credibility.

     You see even if the book is right, the knowledge, which
could come from research, comes from God instead.  This
poses many traps for the lazy and faithfull.  Why research
the material if you already know from God it is true?
Why bother?  Of course you could say that if the book is
wrong, then it did not come from God.  But that assumes that
God did not lie to you out of some benign or maligant intent.

     Thus Christians have a very strong impulse to not
do the research along any lines that are touched upon
by their Book, because either the book is right and so
why bother proving it, or the book is wrong but God wanted
us to be misled from some infinitely good but unknown reason.

     This situation arises when ever the book of facts comes
into existance BEFORE the research and not as a direct observational
statement of the research.

     Whether or not there is a God or a Jesus Christ on the Cross,
all human beings are fallible and suffer from corruption, temptation
and seduction.  Each of us fails in many ways every day to do the
research before we write the book.  For a mature religion to hold
any book up as the truth before the research is simply to throw
gasoline on the fires of sin.

     People who follow such a Book may claim to have their personal
and scientific integrity intact, but they are lying to you.  And if
they truly believe themselves then they are lying to themselves,
which is the worst crime there can be before any God of Truth.

     Thus if you want a pure religion free from Corruption,
Temptation and Seduction, throw away the Book.  Or else put
a disclaimer in it saying that everything it says is open
to question and is correctable.

     There are a number of religions that have the following
beliefs in common.  These beliefs are written in their Book
and in general are considered not open to question.

     1.)  There is an intelligent, knowing Supreme Being above
whom there is no other and who out of nothing made everything
that was made.

     2.)  This God made all the individual spirits that inhabit
his universe.  These spirits had no CHOICE about being made
as they did not exist at all before a certain moment of time,
and they were not asked permission to continue being made
after God stirred them up out of nothing.
Further because this God MADE them OUT OF NOTHING he could
turn them BACK INTO NOTHING if he was displeased with him.

     3.)  This God is ALL GOOD and ALL POWERFULL and ALL KNOWING
and ALL FREE but did not himself go through a
TEST where he had to CHOOSE
between GOOD and EVIL and suffer the consequences of choosing
Yet this same God created creatures that he KNEW some might
choose EVIL, he gave them a FREE WILL just like he HAS but not
to do right like he has.
These creatures who choose wrongly are sent either to an eternally
painfull hell or are subjected to a final separation from God
forever.  Even though about ten minutes of this would be enough
to make any soul in existance reconsider his position.

     4.)  This God would rather let a soul choose with his own
FREE WILL the path of pain and destruction than intefere to show
it the way back home.  Sort of like a father who would let his
child run in front of a car to teach it a lesson or something.
This God will only help you if you turn to it for help.
Any parent with that attitude towards its child would be shot
for child abuse.
And yet this is done out of INIFINITE LOVE for his creatures.
God loved man SO MUCH he couldn't take man by the ear and shake
him a little bit before he went over the edge, God had to go one
step further and send his one and only begotten son
to get nailed to wood.

     5.)  Each of these souls has sinned SO MUCH that only the
Crucifixion of God's ONE and ONLY SON could make up for the pain.
Two wrongs make a right.
Further this crucifixion took place 2000 years ago.  About 20000 years
after the first sentient civilizations on Earth and about
2 billion years after the first sentient civilizations in this
However these religions uniformly believe that Earth is the
only inhabited planet, and man has only been around for a few thousand
They believe this TODAY not hundreds of years ago before anyone
could read or write or build a toilet.
Some people just cant count beyond one
nor span a billion years.
God is very much bigger than the creatures he created, and dispises
most the ones that 'believe' in him.
He appreciates being seen directly so that the book can be
written AFTER the research.  But only the pure in heart (no resentment)
can see God and there are none of those around.

     6.)  Salvation is only obtained by calling on the Name of
the Lord, Jesus Christ.  If you lived before Christ or
on another planet you are out of luck.
Or maybe you just happened to miss living in
a civilized part of the world, or maybe you didn't live long
enough to learn how to say Jesus Christ.  Most kids first words
are Mom or Dad not GOD or JESUS CHRIST.

     7.)  When you die you stay in your grave until the Judgement
day when you will be revived in your perfect body.  Some believe
that the actual atoms of your body will be recovered to make up
the one and only body you had in this life time.  This could lead
to some conflict as some of the atoms necessary to rebuilding
my elbow no doubt came from the ass of some long lost ancestor
on another continent.  If we both go to heaven on judgement day,
we will be fighting over who gets the elbow or the ass.
Not to mention the poor inhabitants of Arslychus 4 who have waited
2 billion years for the judgement day.

     8.)  Each of these religions has an ENEMY clause which says
that guaranteed there will be other 'false' religions on the
planet that will hate and despise you guaranteeing there will
be a constant state of strife and war on the planet.
However if you die for your holy cause, usually killing
as many of the infidels as possible, you will go to heaven
forever, even if you want to come back to earth in another
body to fight again.  But the God who made these poor
creatures made sure that life on Earth was SO HARD that
no one in their right mind would ever want to come back
after they died, and in fact don't want to stay here
in this lifetime
minute longer than they have to.
But suicide is the
greatest sin.  So this God leads his followers to seek
myriad ways to find and fight new infidels guaranteeing that the true
believer will get killed as soon as possible and so
escape hell on earth into the heavenly hands of his God.
He just has to make sure he takes enough of the infidels
with him to make sure that his God does not suspect him
of suicide.
This leads to a world where there are 3 different kinds of people.
True believers who are killing infidels, infidels who are being
killed, and of course infidels who are being converted
over to killing infidels,
(What it is, is SUICIDE disguised as RIGHTEOUSNESS.)
Oh yes,
there are also the
infidels who wont be converted and spend their time killing
true believers.  (Good Guys.)

And yet this God wants peace on earth.
Just look for the enemy clause.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/15/89 No subject