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Date:         Fri, 16 Jun 89 16:05:01 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: moomer
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 16 Jun 89 14:54:00 CDT from 

>They have
>admitted the Earth is not the center of the Physical Universe,
>but they still haven't admitted the Earth is not the center
>of the Spiritual Universe.
>        >I don't know what kind of tronky-doiler Xians you have run
>>across in your lifetime, Homer, but I have know very few of them who
>>would believe in the Earth being the center of the Spiritual Universe...
>>I think most of them would say that the center is God or, to a lesser
>>extent, Heaven.  Probably most would say God.
>>Were you shanghai-ed into planting potatoes once for a Xian (that's
>>Christian for you boobers) that was really uncool?  You seem to have a
>>blanket view of the whole lot that borders on bigotry and is certainly
>>your generalization / stereotype.
>>thomas more beaudoin

     You bet.

     By the center of the spiritual universe I mean THE PLACE where
its all going down, you know what I mean.  I mean all prospective
Heaven dwellers come from Earth, so it is the CRUCIBLE where in God
makes his friends.  I mean God was cool before he made the Earth,
but he was lonely or something, right, so he made the Earth.
HE CERTAINLY DID NOT DO IT FOR US as we did not even exist before
he made us.

     Thus in XIAN theology, the Earth is of central importance.
As Heaven would be a waste land of spider webs with out it.

     Maybe the truth is that only on Earth are people such assholes
that they needed the crucifixion to save their blood from ruin.
Maybe on all the other planets of the universe, people are hip and cool,
and go to heaven naturally.  The questionable ones get sent to Earth
where in they are given one last chance to repent.  If they don't...

     What's the difference between a pizza and a Christian?

     Pizza's don't scream when you put them in the oven!

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/16/89*moomer