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Date:         Sat, 17 Jun 89 21:54:29 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

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.ce Technology, Experience, Interpretation and Conclusion.

     There are these four phases to going Clear, attaining
a higher state of being, getting better or what ever you want
to call it.

     They involve Technology, Experience, Interpretation and
Conclusion.  I guess one last one should be entered here, and
that is RESULT.  Freedom.  Awareness of Truth.  Ability regained.

     Hopefully it boils down to happiness and willingness to be here.
Willingness to invent and play games in this or other arenas.
This is joy.  Grace in Action.

      From ADORE,

      MOOD is VIEW of FUTURE.

     What is Technology?  It is the means by which a spirit
creates and releases traps for himself.  A divine OPERATING religion.
The Principles of Operation for the Spirit.  A handbook of how to
fuck yourself up, and how to free yourself again.  Others too.

     If you feel that 'Nothing will ever make it up to me' or
'I just don't care anymore', or 'Its impossible anyway' then
you are in need of such a book.  If you are stuck in a body,
can not remember your prior 20 trillion years of existance, and
find it hard to plan your next 20 trillion, then you need this

     If you have no idea who made this place or why, then SURELY
you need this book.

     There have been many 'Books' written on this subject, each one
purporting to be an answer to the problem of the Tech.

     1)  The Bible
     2)  Freudian Analysis
     3)  Transactional Analysis
     4)  Transcendental Meditation
     5)  Games People Play/What do you Say after you Say Hello?
     6)  Scripts People Live
     7)  Divine Light Mission
     8)  Unification Church/Moonies
     9)  Buddhism/Hinduism
    10)  Dianetics and Scientology Standard Technology
    11)  Adore/Sunnies
    12)  etc.

     The list is endless.  Some of these claim to be the ONLY way
and that all other WAYS are bad.  Avoid these like the plague.

     But underlying all of them are certain operating principles
that may or may not be the same.

     The Principles underlying Transactional Analysis, Scientology
and Adore are Reoperation of Responsibilty, and the World is a Dream.

     Most eastern Religions and their American offshoots like
Divine Light mission would also agree.

     Technology is very exact.  Meditate on this mantra for
this long and you will attain this state.  Most of it does not work.

     Other kinds of Technology are things like,

     'Do you have an undesirable condition?'
     'What could you do to CREATE it?'
     'What could you do to make it PERSIST?'
     'What could you do to make sure you could NEVER get rid of it?'
     'Who would make you want to do such a thing?'

     Remembering the moments you forgot things is also in this line.

     'Remember a time you wanted to forget and couldn't.'
     'Remember a time you did not want to forget and did anyhow'
     'Remember a time you wanted to remember and did.'
     'Remember a time you wanted to forget and did.'

     There is piles and piles of this stuff strewn through out the
above mentioned writings and it is there for anyone to look at and
use.  But you can figure it out for yourself.  You don't need to
go reading a lot of books.  You can invent your own technology.
Just look at your unwanted conditions and invent how you could
hide responsibility for them and why you would do such a thing.

     Yeah it is your fault.  But it is BEYOND your fault.
You KNEW what you were doing.  There were no SURPRISES.
And THAT is a surprise you will be pleased to rediscover
once you embark on this journey of Technology.

     From Technology comes Experiences.  Your headaches blow up
in your face and go away.  You have nightmares of monsters and
other times and places you wish had never happened.
You have visions that last for a split second lest your body
burn out from the energy.
     Remember your body's concept
of a spiritual experience is to have its face buried in a pair
of tits.  It does not like seeing through walls, or hearing
music from YOUR past lives when Chopin REALLY knew what he was doing.
     Your body more specifially HATES telepathy and seeing other
spirits directly.  It hates visions of enormous POWER and TRIUMPH.
It hates seeing Jupiter or Alpha Centauri from a few hundred thousand
miles away.

     You get the idea.  As long as you are IN your BRAIN (shame on you)
it is impossible to have any experiences without freaking your body
right out.  Thats because what you experience, it experiences, and
what it experiences, you experience.  That is the degraded little
game you have been playing for all of your MATURE adult lives,
and it tends to hamper having experiences freely.

     Thus one of the first directives of Technology is to
get the damn spirit out of his body to where he can spread his
wings and fly around and have a few experiences on Earth that don't
leave his poor body shaking.

     Of course the way to get a spirit to LEAVE his body, is to get
him to recontact ENTERING it soon after birth, and WHY.  Seeing
as that is enough to scare anyone, most people chose to continue
being the schmoos they have already become.

     Experiences are basically just seeing consciousness as it is.
Things are very much built on the concept of vibrations in this
dream.  And just as there are octaves in music, there are octaves
in consciousness.  If you manage to raise your consciousness a whole
octave for one moment, you will see the world as you do now, but you
will see it at an octave higher in quality, beauty, and quantity.
You also see more of it, and you see the next world up that
interleaves with this lower octave we call life.

     Each octave up is another level of conciousness.  Eventually
you can see spirits directly without looking at their bodies.
Then you can know if a body even has a spirit in it, unlike McCabe
who left his body soon after birth and has been hiding out on Mars
ever since.

     People want to know about these experiences because they think
it is what they are lacking and if only you would share them with
them, they would get better.  Unfortunately the Word of God is
INEFFABLE.  That is the Christians way of saying they don't know
what they are talking about.  But really it means that each
octave up has qualities and quantities that are not describable
one octave down, because the words and things don't exist
one octave down.

     Each octave of consciousness is usually called  a 'plane'
of consciousness in the popular liturature.  And there are many
many such planes and sub-planes.  In the lower human realm
of octaves, every emotion is a plane of conscioussness.

     Enthusiasm, Conservatism, Interst, Contentment, Boredom,
Antagonism, Pain, Anger, Hate, Resentment, No Sympathy,
Unexpressed Resentment, Covert Hostility, Anxiety, Fear, Terror
Numb, Propitiation, Symapthy, Grief, Making Amends, Self Abasement,
Victim, Hopeless, Dying, Useless, Apathy and Dead are all notes on the
tone scale of the Octave we live at.  Entire universes of thoughts
and ideas exist at each and every one of these planes.  And entire
lives can be spent dramatizing one or more of them.

     Not to mention entire civilizations.

     Higher up there is just as much variety but the beauty
level becomes over powering.  Earthlings who think they are hot shit
soon realize they are just shit once they get a glimpse of these
places.   Of course with a little humility, the humiliation goes away.

     From ADORE,

     Finite Operating Pride is Humiliation,
     Infinite Operating Pride is Humility.

     So when people ask me for my 'experiences' I do not know
really what to say.  What do they want to hear?

     The 'My future is endlessly beautiful' plane?
     The 'Master Piece' plane?  (proof that there is no Eternal Hell
          as ALL are perfect.)
     The 'Immutable Consciousness' Plane? (Proof there is no physical
          universe as you can SEE that space and time are illusions.)
     The 'Candy Land' Plane?  (Ability to have)
     The 'Star Drive' Plane?  (Ability to give 'no need to give')
     The 'Nirvanic' Plane?  (Unlocking your NOSYMPATHY from those who
         are locking SYMAPTHY with no one.)

     The 'Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin,
          Miracles in Majesty, THATS where I've been.'  plane?

     The 'My life is an endless acid trip for ever for free' plane?

     All this is very fancy and high falutin' but in the end
the most important experience you get from using the Technology
is you begin to remember.  You remember who you were and who you
are, and how you got here.  You remember forgetting, and how you did
it and why, and you have a good laugh.  A good LONG laugh.

     You are not going to get there tomorrow.  And you are not going
to get there by chanting some stupid mantra.
We are talking about full blown operating GOD HOOD here.  You are going
to get there by re-operating the Pit.

     And then you take over the drivers seat of your life, and start
going where YOU want to go.  Certainty and Self Confidence are your
only two gears.
You can always CREATE
a reverse gear again if you WANT, but once you clean it up, you
won't HAVE to do such a thing until YOU WANT.   Get it?

     And IF you should ever WANT to create a mess for yourself
again, there will be a BEAUTY to it (one of those VERY VERY high
planes of consciousness, non of you have touched) which is WHY you
will be wanting to create the mess in the first place, and so
it will be cool with you to do so.  Of course the instant
you do so you will be cursing everything left and right, but
you ALWAYS set an escape route.

     Even if it is just ADORE-L.  Of course it may take you
a billion years to find a computer with such an account.
And in the mean time you may be devoted to destroying computer
technology as the work of the Devil.
But the longer and deeper the hell you create for yourself, the
higher and more magnificent the beauty of your original intent to fall.

     Thus everything is OK in the end.

     From ADORE,


     But the biggest and most worst mistake that people make with
respect to this 'experience' thing is not looking at where they are now.

     This is because the very state you are in now of 'NOT HAVING

     Remember this Divine Immortal Being created a state for itself,
where in all it could see, hear, feel and smell was MUD.

     The IMMORTALITY you seek is the very Immortality that CREATED

     Thus trying to escape your present ho hum state of boredom
by having a spiritual experience or two, will only lead to deeper
and deeper levels of monster vibrations and degradation until
you confront the immediate and ever pesent EMPTINESS of your lives.

    Until you can CREATE and MAKE PERSIST and 'NEVER GET RID OF'
in QUANTITY that very emptiness you claim is not a spiritual
experience, it will follow you all the rest of the days of your

     For it is the MORTALITY of your SOUL, the USELESSNESS of
your lives, the ENDLESS DRAB, BLEAK and BARREN view of your
FINITE FUTURE that is the greatest and grandest SPIRITUAL
CREATION of all.

     A God who had EVERYTHING wanted to have NOTHING.

     He got it.

     The way to KEEP it is to forget that

     The WAY IN is the WAY OUT.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/17/89 No subject