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Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 89 06:48:47 EDT
From:         Homer W. Smith 
Subject:      Re: Bill Sklar and Bye
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sat, 17 Jun 89 22:15:06 CDT from 

>   Well, this Bill Sklar note from Homer Smith really takes the cake.
>You see, Homerbabes, how do you expect me to believe that you have attained
>some level of spiritual maturity, when you are so petty about the small,
>everyday things like being civil and respectful towards other people?
>If you sense the spiritual, then you can sense it in others too, and you can
>respect it and, therefore, them, even if it's only latent in them. I'm
>afraid that I don't care to find this kind of negativity in my email each
>morning, so goodbye and good luck to one and ALL. I can be reached at
>UWC6NTG at UICVMC on BITNET. Enjoy the summer, work for peace.
>                       Nick Geovanis/Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

     I can not tell you how happy I am that Nick Geovanis is
deciding to leave this list.  I sincerely hope that he follows
through with this and sees fit never to return.

 Homer Wmisth        Adore-l list         6/18/89*Bill Sklar and Bye