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Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 89 06:55:46 EDT
From:         Homer W Smith 
Subject:      Re: Bill Sklar
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 16 Jun 89 23:42:00 CST from <86730@LAWRENCE>

>        (2) I have never, *ever* attempted to shut *any* list down.
>Nor do I desire to ever do so, especially not this one.  It seems to
>serve an important purpose.

    Yes, heckling Homer.  You have attempted and succeeded in getting
a private account shut down on the politics-l list.
>        (3) Despite what Homer thinks of me, I find his philosophy
>fascinating, albeit rather flawed.  He seems to think of human beings
>as horses.

     The philosophy is not flawed.  Just the people that read it.

     BODIES are horses.  Not the spirits that ride them.

Although I failed to keep a copy of what he wrote me
>regarding that, I think it had something to do with his explanation as
>to why men are better then women:  'cause male horses are better.  I

     Male horses are SO much better to ride than female horses
in the long run, that some women still haven't realized there is a difference.

     Further I have ALL the postings I ever sent you, and if you want
me to stir them up and post them I will.  Maybe you could remind
me of which one you wish to tear apart.

>>     Personal mail in my reader will get trashed without second notice.
>        As will anything else which challenges you.  Right, Homer?
     The last time I tried to communicate personally to you, it turned
uselss in my opinion and I gave you the ax from my space.  Sorry, that
is my right, just as it is yours.

     In any case the decision stands.

     If you don't say it publically, I wont read it.

>        Am I working within the 50% rule?  Looks as if I've done
>better than Homer on that one so far, but I'm still a little new to
>this.  I like this list.  It should be interesting.

     I obey the rules of this list perfectly...  Some people
would like to claim I don't.  They just cant take the heat.

     I SET the rules.  I lead the way.  Presumably some of you
think I have over steped my own guidlines.  Then you should take
what I do AS the guidlines.  If you don't everstep what I have done,
you will still be in safe boundaries.

     The 50 percent rule does not say 50 percent must be content and
the other 50 percent must be polite.  That is a GAYNET rule.  On ADORE-L
it says 50 percent should be
content and the rest can be what ever you want.

     Although some people think my postings are very unintelligent,
others disagree.  Thus this list is divided into two very opposed camps.
Of course those that agree with me rarely open their mouths on the list,
because for one they are LEARNING something, and for two they don't see
the need to have McCabe and company natter their postings to bits.

     McCabe, who by his own statement, has never had any spiritual
experiences, is certainly not an expert on Homer or anything
that Homer says.  He is mainly an expert on meatballism.

 Homer Wmisth        Adore-l list         6/18/89*Bill Sklar