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Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 89 17:44:00 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: asbestos suits (at least gloves)
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 18 Jun 89 13:01:51 EST from 

>My my... a hypocrite too.  The rules are fine until I break them.
>Do what I do, not what I say.  Sure... anyone else gets the Supreme
>Boot if they break the rules.  Can a judge commit murder then change
>the law?
     No one has gotten the Supreme Boot, therefore your posting
is vacuous.  Further there have been a number of people on this
list who have broken the 50 percent rule consistently and completely.
I did not boot them off either.  Most of them have chosen to leave.

     Further although the mortals on this list think all my postings
are with out content, the Immortals on the list think they are
filled with content.

>Homer, our fearless () leader.    Scary thought.  This
>isn't a moderated list... do we need a leader?  What is he leading,
>anyway?  Maybe I don't want to know...

     Lead was an incorrect term.  Set the tone is more like it.
Most of you post well within reasonable limits of propriety.

     Do you all live in fear of being booted off?

     Should I make a rule that no one can be booted off?

     Surely my postings do not stop you from posting.  Unless
of course you are afraid of getting roasted.  Other's Heckling comments
do not stop me from posting.  I ignore most of them.  They do not add
to the discusssion of Immortality.

     Those who wish to discuss Mortality may do so freely.  They will
get roasted possibly, but there is no limit to what can be discussed.
Including my preference that certain people leave the list, like
Geovanis.  From private mail, some would like McCabe to leave also,
but I feel he is honestly looking for answers and PROOF of which
he has none at the moment.

     It has been brought to my attention that his father used to
work in the Pentagon, and so Jim would be in contact with just the very
kind of person you would not want knowing you had proof of anything,
but as Jim says, we mustn't be too paranoid as the US government
is not ALL bad.
>Aww.  Didn't I see something about taking the heat?  Homer's humble followers
>can't take the discussion their postings will receive?

     I do not have humble followers, and if you keep up that kind of insult
you are sure to receive some flames from them.
They just see no need to throw pearls before swine.  Often people new
to this game of getting free have little to say.  They would rather
listen.  I am sure they would love to hear from you how they are being

I've been intimidated
>to post, but not because of "McCabe and company".  Rather, it was homer's
>"I'm devine, you're a swine" attitude.

     Please guote me correctly.

     'I'm Divine, You're Divine, You're a swine.'

     From ADORE,

     SELF RIGHTEOUSNESSS is 'I'm a God, so all of you YOU shut up.'
     RIGHTEOUSNESS is 'We are all Gods, so all of YOU shut up.'
     Any God has this right.

If someone disagrees, there's
>something wrong with them.  I think I see who can't take the heat around

    Yep, it is you.  By your own statement.

>I considered signing off, but I realized that's just what Homer wants.  He's

     I want people who are not afraid of Immortality.  People who are not
below HIDING on the tone scale, people who are willing to look their
responsibility for their meathood square in the eye.

     Many mortals are noise makers.  They do not want to admit what
they were up to 200,000 years ago, they are afraid they might die if
they were to remember, and they spend all their time Heckling.

     What is Heckling?  It is asking questions that you never intend
to get answered.  It is asking for proof because you want to shoot
it down not because you want proof.  It is people who want me to
put up proof, so that they can shoot it down so that others will
doubt their own Immortality.

     There are Mortals who are NOT Hecklers.  They WANT to be Immortal,
and their attitude towards me is very different than that of Hecklers.

     Being Mortal does not get you into hot water with me.
Being a Mortal who WANTS to be a Mortal does.

     Its a matter of COURAGE and CONFRONT.

     Yeah, Yeah I know.  I don't have any.  Dont you see how
predictable the Heckling is?

>looking for a band of followers,
>not people to question his word.

     I am looking for a band of FRIENDS.  IMMORTAL FRIENDS.
Immortals don't have LEADERS and FOLLOWERS.  They are INDEPENDANT
SOVEREIGN BEINGS.  (Go look it up.)

>else who is being intimidated here, just put yourself above the childish
>name games and immature attitudes.

     Look, all hostility aside, what is it you want from this list?
Is there something you are afraid to post because of me?

     Do you want a list where you can post something with out having
it roasted?  Is there some need of YOURS that is not being fullfilled?


     Was it because of the CHARTER about ADORE, or was it because
of the rules allowing OPEN COMMUNICATION.

     Were you attracted here because you felt you might have
a forum to express YOUR ideas where you could not before, but now
find that something in the Adorian Charter is getting in your way.

    Remember Heckling MY ideas, is not the same as expressing YOUR
ideas.  If I were to stop posting, something I have considered,
would others be using this list for their own postings?

     The Hecklers of course would shut up having no more wind
to fan their flames.  Some of the intimidated silent ones
would speak up since the danger of my presence would have

     Those who were seriously interested in what I had to say
would quickly leave the list in disappointment.

     I could offer the following.  What would happen if
I stopped responding to anyones postings?  No more criticism,
no more counter arguements, and no more Roasting from me.
You could speak your mind and I would not be heard from.

     I would continue to post my postings for those who were interested
in what I had to say, and everyone could continue to Heckle me and
post for those interested in what THEY had to say.

     Of course it would have to be an absolute rule.  I would
respond to NO ONE's postings regardless of content.  You see if you
WANT me to respond to what you have to say, then you have to take
what I give. I cant say what you want to hear, I can only say what
I feel.

     Of course I could only respond to postings that people
explicitly ASKED me to respond to.  But still they might
get roasted.  And in responding I would have to mention other
postings that pertained, and so it gets complicated.

     Besides all this makes me out to be someone elses slave.

     Surely one counter poster (me) is not stopping you from
posting. Unless of course you have nothing really to post and
just are looking for an opportunity to Heckle.

     You see the Charter and the Rules are just open enough
to allow people on this list with no interest at all in Truth
or serious discussion.  They can Heckle all they want and post stuff
under the guise of content, but it reeks of DISHONESTY.

     It can therefore be assumed that SOME PEOPLE on this list
are just Hecklers.  If you put food out and leave the windows
open, cockroaches WILL come in.  It is a mathematical certainty.

     You can also be sure that they will POST.  It serves no
purpose to the Heckler to just read and learn, and not make noise.
Their intention is to NOT learn, so you can be SURE they will post.

     Thus of the posters you can be SURE there will be a higher
percentage of Hecklers than there are in the non posters.

     The non posters will have a percentage of latent Hecklers,
people who have signed on and are just waiting for their day.
Rats trying to have their moment of glory.

     I am sorry, but the ADORE-L charter is open enough to
allow this process to take place.

     Those who are serious on this list and in life, will just
have to suffer the noise and the flak.  Surely you see why.

>I was sorry to see Nick go.

     Nick has not yet left.

Not because
>I agree with him (I really don't, not much anyway) but because he let Homer
>get to him.  Maybe I won't play this game much longer either (hold your
>applause) but I've got to see where this leads.

     What game is it you are playing.  Reading stuff you don't agree to?

     You are free to post.  Except for violations of the HIGH TREASON
and the (new) MUTINY policy letters, you probably wont get kicked off.

     You are free to start your own camp.  Ignore my postings.
Dont heckle them.  Ignore my Rostings of YOUR postings.
Just start having what ever discussion you want with your friends.

      You do not have to get caught up in the cross fire between
me and those who wish to duel with me.

So far it's one of two
>directions... with homer or without.

     Up to a point.  I own the list and I read everything that comes
across it, and I Heckle freely what I wish.  However you can IGNORE
my postings.  There is no rule that you have to read them or pay attention.
My name is in every header.  Just delete them.  You can have your own
discussions on anything you want.

>Two camps, like he said.  Looks like
>you've got a small camp there, Homer.  Oooh, do you have the silent majority?

     No I probably have the silent MINORITY.  A very small minority.

     Usually though the intelligent questions, from the real seekers
comes in private e-mail.  Often I am asked to not post my reponse
to ADORE-L.  Or if I do, to leave their name off.  Cant imagine why.

     Thus the Hecklers and the noise makers on ADORE-L just drive
the intelligent discussion underground.

     Remember a Heckler is not someone who disagrees with me.
It is someone who does not care to find out that I am right, and
is arguing from an ulterior motive.   They don't care if they are wrong,
in fact they SUSPECT they are wrong and WANT others to remain
ignorant along with themselves.  They are afraid of the consequences
of anyone remembering what they were up to before this life.

     Those who argue vigorously against Immortality are real losers.

     Their destiny is the grave, over and over again...

     Any Celestial Anybody will tell you that.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/18/89*asbestos suits (at least glov