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Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 1989 19:43:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

             Proposal for ADORE-L and ADORE2.

         Copyright (C) 1989 by Homer Wilson Smith

     I just had an idea.  Yeah, Yeah I know ...

     What if I tried to get a second list called ADORE2.

     This list would have a charter written by its participants,
people who would all be originally from ADORE-L.

     I would again be the owner and moderator, however I would
not post to that list and not partake in any discussion at all.
Nor any part of its design.
You who want it, would be free of my influence except when
the process of democracy broke down as a means of last resort.

     I would however read that list and cross post my roastings to
ADORE-L if I so chose.

     It would not be a requirement to be on ADORE-L to be on ADORE2
but it would be a requirement to read the ADORE-L charter and APL's
so that all would be informed of the genesis of the group.
The ADORE-L Charter and APL's however would not apply to ADORE2,
and rules and
regulations about propriety and executions would all be part of
the democratically written charter.  It would be run by a majority
vote. I would not have a vote but I would be the responsible
party for carrying out and tallying such operations.

     I would also be responsible for list maintenance, which
includes things making sure that people who sign on are informed
of their rights and duties under whatever charter you write.

     I would have to have final say so on the workings of the
list just in case they got out of hand, as what you guys did
would end up in my plate with the administrators.

     But barring outrageous behavior on the part of its participants,
there should never be a need for me to interfere.

     This is a way you could have a list of your OWN design without
worrying about me.

     I think it would be an excellent experiment in self government,
one that has not been tried on the net before.

     Of course it may be hard to convince the powers that be to
accept such a deal, as real disk space is used to contain the
noise generated, not to mention bitnet time and circuits.
But I will try.

     Someone on ADORE-L will have to write the charter and
rules and regulations, maybe a number of you.  Post it to
the list so all can discuss and work it out.

     If you have a vote to post either for or against this idea
post it to the list also.

                     adore-l@ualtavm      6/18/89 No subject