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Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 89 20:00:45 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Spiritual Experiences
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 18 Jun 89 19:52:09 EST from 

>Speaking for no one but myself...  I didn't post any of my spiritual
>experiences because, frankly, I don't believe I have had any.  Oh, before
>Homer or anyone else jumps all over my case, I use "believe" in the sense
>of "think/know"; i.e., I am unsure I have had any.
>The closest I have come to to a spiritual experience is the "bond" I once had
>with a friend.  Whenever something terrible happened to him, I could tell
>because I got this real tight feeling in my chest, and I was very depressed
>for a while afterward.  Invariably, when I asked him, he had a calamity to
>tell.  We are no longer friends, and this bond is gone.  (Un?)fortunately I
>have never had a bond like that since.
>Perhaps I am spiritually dead.  Anyone care to take the usual pot-shots at
>                    Virtually,
>                    David B. O'Donnell 
>DISCLAIM (dis-klam'), v.t., 1. to give up or renounce any claim to or
>connection with; disown.  2. to refuse to acknowledge; deny; repudiate.
>All the world's a court... and all the people, disclaimers.

     A beautiful posting, Luther.  And very definitely a REAL
spritual experience.  Don't forget to include LOSING the bond
as your second spiritual experience.

     People go back together millions of years and lifetimes and
planets and civilizations together.  Friends from the beginning
are still friends.  They can go out of sorts with each other and
become enemies, but usually the worse the enemy, the better the
person used to be as a friend.  It is hard to fall out with someone
you never fell in with.

     I wish there were more postings of this nature here.

     Surely Luther is not a Homer Follower (I suggest you shoot
such on sight for transgression of Eternal Omni Sovereignty.)

     And surely Homer is not prone to roasting EVERYONE randomly.

     A Heckler I am not.

     So come on all you guys, lets post all those 'non spiritual'
experiences that you haven't been having all these years and just
didn't want to talk about them.

     Consciousness is everywhere.  Ability is everywhere.

     Ever find yourself unusually adept at something.  Learned it
in no time?  Maybe you already knew it from a past life.  Past
planets were very high tech and skilled in music, art, science
and religion.

     Ever dream of places you just KNOW you love or fear but cant
for the life of you place them after you wake up?

     Ever dream of CITIES that are SIMILAR to cities you know in
this life, only more moody or beautiful?

     Have you ever jumped an octave and been able to see the
world with perfect clarity for a split second.

     Have you ever looked at a girl and for a split moment seen
a perfectly beautiful face?

     Have you ever seen the Perfect Lover inside YOU?

     Spiritual experiences are split second things.  They do not
last, they are visions gone as soon as you recognize something happened.
It wont be that way forever, but don't discount them because they are short,
now.  Quality is the correct measure.   They will last with the rebirth of
wisdom and Omni Sovereignty.

     Besides, who wants to go to work tripping all day long.
So don't put them down, because they are short or hard to hold.
That is the way it is.  The higher they are, the shorter they will
be lest something gets burnt.  It does not have to be that way forever.

     From ADORE,

     The SUBCONSCIOUS is not measured in FATHOMS.
     It is measured in MICROSECONDS.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/18/89*Spiritual Experiences