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Date:         Mon, 19 Jun 89 17:22:19 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      ADORE2
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     In this game of lists there are:






     Usually moderators are also members and sometimes administrators
are also members.

     In ADORE2 my sole and only post will be as a buffer between
you guys the members and the administrators.  This acts to ensure
that the list continues and removes your having to deal with the administrators
from your game.

     Although I will be a 'member' of ADORE2, I will be a non posting
memeber.  There will have to be some method of communicating to you if
the need arises because of interactions or potential interactions between
ADORE2 and the administrators.

     But it won't be to the list.  It will be to your duly elected
Highest Official, or his/her designee.

     You will have to elect someone or a number of people, as
top level authority for the list WITHIN in the list.  Thus any
commplaints or civil suits that occur between members on the list
will go to that person and not me.

     If you do not post your complaints to the ADORE2 list I will
not know about them.

     Only after all normal and agreed upon avenues of petition have
been exhausted will ADORE2 members be allowed to approach me for
a resolution of their conflict.

     The HIGH TREASON and MUTINY APL's applies in full force as far as going
around me or beyond me without first coming to me.

     The MUTINY APL has not yet been posted.

     You will be responsible also for writing your own ADORE2 Policy Letters,
which if you want may be called APL2's.  If you want another name that is fine.

     The name of the list however MUST be ADORE2 or what ever I chose, or can
get away with and is Copyrighted (C) 1989 by me.

     To ensure that all members of the new list read the APL2's, they will
either have to get them on the listserver (painful), or be
hand delivered to each new sign on
either by me or by your highest elected official or his designee.

     Since the necessity of reading the APL2's is determined BY the
APL2's and is totally up to your vote, you may design this as you wish.

     Being the list moderator I will assume the responsibility of
making sure new signons to ADORE2 read the ADORE-L Charter and the

     ADORE2 will be run as a SOVEREIGN state.  My role will not be
as King or President, these you will have to design for yourself,
and elect for yourself as you wish.  If you decide to
chose some form of enlightened or not so enlightened anarchy that
is fine.

     SOVEREIGN means that as long as your affairs do not spill over
to the outside world of myself and computers and administrators, then
what ever happens on the list is YOUR BUSINESS and RESPONSIBILITY.

     ADORE2 will be a closed system, open to all to join, unless
you yourselves chose otherwise.  There fore if it never gets
outside of the list, you are free to do what ever you will.

     My role will be as a Creator God.  I create the playing field
and maintain its relationship to other playing fields in a bigger universe,
containing many such playing fields with many such Creator Gods with
many such willing players.

However just because I create the playing field, does not mean I create the
game, the players, the rules, nor do I indulge in the play myself.

     You are all Gods in your own universe, just as I am.  You CHOSE
to join my particular universe called ADORE2 knowing full well the
consequences of your actions.  You do so willingly and have only yourself
to blame if something goes wrong.

     Since nothing is hidden from the game player when he enters
the game, there can be no blame of the God who created the game
to be played.  If you end of up dead, not only is it your fault,
you saw it coming, and you said it was good.

     Since the Creator God of any game does not play the game he
created, you must not try to join the game in order to play
a game with the Creator God.  He wont be there to play.  You only
play with other members who chose to join the game along with you.

     Creator Gods CAN play inside their own games, witness Jesus
Christ and ADORE, but ADORE2 will not be played by its Creator, me.

     Since you are each Omni Sovereign Beings, you can leave the
game anytime you wish.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/19/89 ADORE2