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Date:         Mon, 19 Jun 89 17:59:47 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Wimps
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 18 Jun 89 23:07:02 EST from 

>I'm proud to be a wimp and at least give others the respect they deserve.
>Egocentric attitudes like the one which sparked this reply are one of the
>prime causes of many of the world's problems (particularly wars).
>A question to "Homer-as-god":  Were the Chinese troops correct in firing
>upon student demonstrators?  Were they operating under "divine" influence,
>and if so why; if not, why not?  Please explain this apparent worldwide
>leaning toward isolationist views, prejudice, and so forth.
>Luther "-U-God-of-SCRIPT"

     There are many who CLAIM to be operating under divine
influence, the implication being that others are not.

     My claim is that we are all divine, and thus can not do
anything BUT operate under Divine influence.  However
this Divinity is prone to Majesty which is its desire to
play mean and nasty practical jokes on its self.  Once this
is done, the Divine Being can become to act in horrid ways, non
the less Divine.

     The Chinese students are responsible for their births in
an oppresive China.  Some chose such a life because they truly want
to improve conditions there, others chose such a life of oppresion
becausse they themselves have indulged in such oppresion for so long,
that they are no longer able to operate in a free world.

     The more degraded you become, the more you seek degraded environments
to die in.

     The soldiers who killed 'innocent' students will themselves
recognize the folly of their ways in a future life, and will
probably come back in oppresive countries only to be killed trying
to bring democracy.  Such a circle does not have to happen.  A person
can just recognize they have done wrong, and be done with it.  But
if they continue to run away from the error of their ways, eventually
they come around to being like the very beings they hurt, and then
getting hurt themselves.

     For the person who likes the 'innocent victim' concept of the world
this will sound preposterous.

     Most of Earth is in this state.

     However with 'innocent victim' there is also a lack of faith
in JUSTICE.  These people think the bad guys get away with it, and the good
guys just get it.

     That's because in a past life, THEY got away with it and they are
still wondering how this could be.  You see if you do something bad,
and it never comes back to you, you begin to wonder about justice.
What you miss is that justice is a multi lifetime deal.

    The Good guys that just get it in this life time were the
bad guys that got away with it in past life times.  Get it?

    In my personal opinion places like Cambodia become sort of a cess
pool for spirits who are doing bad life after life after life, until
they finally end up in Cambodia only to fall into Pol Pot's hands.

     Then they get a taste of their own medicine, and they
turn around.  But in their long struggle for democracy
in that country and others in future lifetimes, the hidden
lifetimes of doing bad themsselves, tends to haunt them,
and they keep getting killed for good ideals in places like
Tiananmen Square.

     If however they just remembered and confronted what they
had done suring their evil phase, they would probably find
themselves surviving quite well and actually succeeding in their
bid for democracy.

    I mean what the HELL is the spirit doing IN a body to be killed
or tortured or regimented in the first place.  There have to be
untold numbers of unspeakable crimes in a persons past track
for them to be playing the silly game of 'I am a body, I have
always been a body, and I will always be a body' and think
that no one sees how silly they are.

     Of course others with similar past track crimes will agree
wholeheartedly with the 'I am a body' scenario and entire
civilizations are built around 'I am a body' and 'Ain't it awful'.

     So I would say that the soldiers of T square are setting themsselves
up for a lot of pain in the long run, and that the valiant students
who made a bid for democracy but lost, should look to their religion
for explanations of how to clean up their act and be more successfull.

    There is no such thing as an Innocent Victim.  And Justice operates
perfectly across many lifetimes.

     The people who are just SOOOOO deeply insulted by this, are
the ones who have the most past track crimes to unwithhold.

     I would not be fooled by their noise.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/19/89*Wimps