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.ce ADR - 23
.ce 06 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) 1989 Homer Wilson Smith
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

 >     Belief is the fundamental element of life.  Without belief, there
 >would be nothing.

     Is this a belief?

 >     It is involved in all things.
 >Religion recognizes that people need
 >to believe, it gives them that something to believe in.

     People need to believe in Justice and Immortality and Perfection.
But not at the expense of the TRUTH.  It just so happens that the REAL
TRUTH includes all three.  Ironically most of the religions that people
believe in CLAIM to be the pinnacle of Justice, Immortality and
Perfection, but indeed are sorry sights to behold.

     Some Christians, for example, believe in forward Immortality, but
do not believe in Immortality into the past.  They were created by God
in this life and will live forever IF they are good.  That is a
It is not an Unconditional Bi-Directional Immortality.

     Justice for some Christians is that bad things (hell) happen to
people who do bad things (sinners).  But this form of Justice is hardly
pretty.  Those who think it is, are strange bed fellows.

     As for Perfection, God is Perfect, but Humans are not.

     So you see that these 'beliefs' fall far short of the ideal of
Justice, Immortality and Perfection.

     I wrote ADORE to provide an alternative.  Unfortunately the
alternative involves RESPONSIBILITY for CONDITION.  Something that is
not apparent in our present state.  And of course 'believing' in it is a
waste of time.

 >The question of "truth" really doesn't matter in everyday life.

     Is this Truth and does it matter that we know this?

>It doesn't matter if that which is believed in is true or not.

     Is this true, and does it matter if I don't believe it?