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Date:         Mon, 19 Jun 89 18:50:34 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 19 Jun 89 07:35:55 EDT from 

>>the jewish people lost millions of people because of such an ideal, because
>>it was tought that "dying for the holliness of god" (excuse me if the
>>translation   is uncorect), is the best way of fighting. millions that could
>>save themselves refuse to do so because of such principle, and the few
>>survivors were save only by the use of violence.
>>was don  ready to sacrifies the  remmainnamt just becuse is idea that
>>hitler insanity could have caused his failure? by the way, it is this insanity
>>that brought him to power, so why it should have cause his downfall?
>>ronen shapira
>The attrocities mentioned all arise from twisted minds.  Therefor there
>should be an effort made to institute a new way of thinking that makes
>such bizzarre violence unthinkable.  There would be no creditability in
>teaching the bad outcomes of war and violence while continuing to indulge
> in it.  The policies of slow, quiet starvation and murder in concentr-
>ation camps under Hitler, Stalin etc would have been detected by the
>outside world, would have caused anger, and negotiation if such a mental
>ban on such violence had already been part of our thinking.
> We must start with root causes, reeducate ourselves, and be consistent.

     Don, people need a sense of GLORY.  If there is to be no GLORY
in fighting the bad guy and dying to protect your mother and her
pies, then where in is the GLORY to be found?

     Men need challenge, yes even deadly challenge.  If they do
not get it, they will invent it by fingering their neighbor
as a bad guy and starting a war.

     You wish to bring peace, but you will have to do so by
replacing the GOOD feelings of war (unthought out) with something
more real and workable.

     How many people go to war thinking it is just grand old fun,
only to find out how bad it is?  Unthinkable anyone could be this
stupid.  Look again.

     Mothers breed this kind of idiocy all the time.

     Yeah I know, all you mother lovers out there, it is not
all the mother's fault, but I say all it takes is a good mother
to fix it.  The mother is in control of her sons outlook about war.

     If she does nothing, he will develope along the usual lines.
If she teaches the son that he should 'do his duty', he will get the
idea that doing his duty is the highest thing he can do, and
will be disappointed if there is no war to show off to his mother
how he is doing his duty.

    More consideration of the mother factor here would go a long
way to ensuring an age of peace.

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  6/19/89*WAR IS NOT ALWAYS AN EVIL