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Date:         Mon, 19 Jun 89 19:35:51 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      RE: More Musings - FFF
To:           "Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List" ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 19 Jun 89 13:15:00 -0330 from

     Look y'all, if you want me to just shutup I will.

    I post enough of this stuff on ADORE-L to wear everyone out,
so if you really want me to can it, just say the word.

     But this discussion is being dominated by Bob Ewing who thinks
he is God's gift to greenery.

>inner musings; which may be valid.  I see that your
>approach to environmental problems is limited to
>discussion; that's a good starting point and essential to
>effective action but is also a cop-out.
    Not eating meat and eradicating FFF's is a cop out.

>I have no belief in previous lives nor am anymore
>opposed to FFF's than I am toxic wazte.

    People who don't believe in past lives have lost contact
with them on purpose.  Probably because they were screwing
up the planet fourfold.  In this life they go overboard
in trying to make amends all the while denying they
had anything to do with the present situation over the
past 2000 years.

     They are also incapable of planning their own futures beyond
the mere 60 to 70 years of their present lives as they figure
they will not be around in the year 3000 to reap the fruits
of their labor.

     This leads to a somewhat hysterical approach to solving
problems, very much like a chicken running round with its head cut off,
and usually wastes more time than it is worth.

     A total failure to remember past lives also results in total loss
of knowledge gained from past planets and civilizations and the
foolhardiness of some of the solutions that were tried there and failed.

     Our spiritual journey did not begin on Earth, and we have left a
whole trail of planets behind us, burnt and brown.

     People who vigorously deny any belief or desirability of past lives
are denying their hand in our present condition.

     Look to them with suspicion as their hearts are not in the right
place although the noise they make might give that appearance.

     We are spiritual beings, not animals.  We are IN animal bodies
due to an unpleasant spiritual condition better left for other lists.

     The problems we face on this planet in terms of its ecology
are very much so a spiritual problem in relationship between
ourselves as immortal spirits and the land we grow on.

     The total eradication of meat eating and FFF's is a radical step
backwards in social consciousness.  Like all new things built by
ignorant beings, they have kick backs and negative results.  The
answer is not to return to the woods and get rid of the car, but
to develope a better form that adheres to a more enlightened view
of an advanced high tech society.

     A meatless society would be like a carless society.  Surely
a cleaner one, but one less worth living.  The answer to cars
is to get rid of the gas not the cars.  The problem with gas is not
that we don't know how to run them with hydrogen, but that they are
more expensive, and the oil industry would fold.

     You KNOW there have been murders in the night over this one.

     And now, back to my barbeque.  Yum.

 Homer               Biosphere, ecology,  6/19/89*More Musings - FFF