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Date:         Tue, 20 Jun 89 00:56:15 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: "new" ADORE-List
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 20 Jun 89 00:29:06 EST from 

>Actually, Homer, I chose "DOGMA-L" for two reasons:
>      [1]   DOGMA is <= 6 characters
>      [2]   I couldn't think of anything better
>As for the rest...  Well, there are some days when I simply get fed up with
>a huge bunch of ego- and ethno-centric bigots (like most of society) and I,
>too, begin to post like a madman.   I won't apologize, because it's not
>necessary.  Realise that I neither love nor detest ADORE-L and/or Homer.
>If I hated them, then I would never have stayed on.  If I loved them,
>then I would never have asked questions.
>I would like to see a more generalized religion discussion, though.  See
>my previous post(s).
>DB"L"O :)

    The implication here is that people who ask questions don't
love ADORE/Homer or something about the discussion.

    And that those who are silent, have been throughly brainwashed
into sucking up my every word.

    Me thinks you are begging for a few flames here from those
silent ones you are insulting.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/20/89*"new" ADORE-List