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Date:         Tue, 20 Jun 89 01:13:04 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      ADORE2
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     I have a problem with ADORE2 also.

     I want to provide a Homer Free Zone for those that want it,
in the spirit of the original charter of ADORE-L.  Wide open
comunication on any subject of importance to life including
but not limited to Religion, Science, Art and Business.

     But I also want a Mortal Free Zone for myself.

     Providing a Homer Free Zone is trivial.

     Providing a Mortal Free Zone is not.

     It is unfair to me to have to put up with posters like
'Mr. Fearless Mortal and Loves it' if I am providing a open arena
for the rest of you and them to have, free of me.

     You get to exist without my roastings, but I would still have
to put up with yours.

     I do not learn anything from Mr. Mortal, it is ALWAYS EXACTLY
the same tune, created inbetween lives by the implanters.

     Their view is always totally wrong, inane and illogical,
not to mention unfounded and unproven.

     Immortality you might prove.  Death you can never prove.

     THAT can be proved, so to hell with them.  You know what I mean?

     Frankly I do not know what to do with them.  I can respond as if
they really just need an education, but after a while it is the same
old thing over and over again, and I wonder if anyone else learns
from it.  For example, Mr. Mortal was spewing almost word for word the
same stuff that Jim McCabe started off with.  I hate repeating myself,
and those with serious interest in this Immortality matter will get
bored with it too.

     Of course I could just ignore it.

     But I would rather purify my space of non serious listeners.

     I mean who needs to listen to the 40,000th assembly line Mortal
tell you that he can logically prove that logic is illogical.

     Twenty five years in the business and I have never heard one
say anything new.  Nor do they ever change their minds.

     Not all mortals are this way, just Mr. Mortals who think Immortality
is born of fear of death.

     I assure you his Mortality is born of fear of Life, and
since further discussion on this subject is right out of the Book
of Life, you can be sure there is no reason to continue it with him.

    Much of the volume of postings on this list has arisen from
this Mr. Mortal / Immortal conflict.  All of it a waste in my eyes.

     Maybe some of you Immortals out there like it, but after a bit
enough is enough.  The 50,000 Mr. Mortal is exactly the same as the

     If I designed some private policy in my own space for dealing
with these interruptions of serious discussion, the volume on this
list would be considerably less and my hot temper would cool down.

     The problem is distinguishing Mr. Mortal (and Mr. True Believer,
for that matter, same thing though) from Mr. True Seeker.  We all start
out Mortal in this game.

     Starting to make judgement calls in this game is just what I
wanted to avoid when I designed this list.

     But little did I realize how much 'debunkers' would like to

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/20/89 ADORE2