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Date:         Tue, 20 Jun 89 18:22:34 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: ADORE2
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 20 Jun 89 10:14:30 EDT from 

>>                           . . .  but I assure you I am offering you
>>a list as free of my interference as possible, yet one that will be
>>allowed to exist because of my presence.
>ADORE2 + ADORE-L = Twice the Homerian ego of before.
>I signed up to ADORE-L back in the beginning (2 or 4 months ago?), after
>hearing about it on FRAC-L, I believe.  I unsubed after about 1 month or so
>of continuous babbling, incoherent rambling, APL's, etc. . .I just
>didn't feel like keeping up.
>I just recently re-subed hoping that the voluminousity had gone away, which
>it has.  But this list is nothing but a bunch of adults bickering like a bunch
>a pre-pubecent girls.  Flaming is one thing, but this list violates itself;
>It's practically 100% flame, all the time.  With the exception of homer's
>APL's, ADL's, whatever which are too damn long to wade through in any short
>time, and recently Bill's poems.
>I was hoping for more insight on topics such as religion, psychology,
>politics, where we've been-where we're going kind of stuff.
>One thing I must say is that this list has been a good substitute for the
>late-great JOKE-L.  Because that's what this list has turned into. . .
>A BIG JOKE.  I don't look for insight anymore from this list, I look for
>a good joke.
>Homer, if you could listen to us laughing at you down here, you'd throw
>the hissy-fit to end all hissy-fits.
>By the way homer, a word of advice:  A lawyer friend of mine has said that
>what you've said/written (particularly about Bill Sklar) could be construed
>as libelous, that is if Bill wanted to make a case out of it.
>Conclusions: 1.  Homer, you are pathetic, paranoid and sick.
>     or      2.  Homer, you are a calculating genious, who has set
>                 up this list primarily for your own enjoyment and
>                 want to see how far you can push people.

     That is of course why you are still on the list.

     Both of your conclusions are wrong anyhow.

     Your comments about libel are an effort to stop communication.
They possibly can even be contrued as an effort to INCITE Bill Sklar
to take such action which would be a direct violation of

     Your comments might also possibly be construed as an effort to close down
ADORE-L which would also be a violation of the HIGH TREASON apl.

     I am right now in the process of getting the data about Bill
Sklar from the horses mouth.  If it turns out I jumped my guns
he will get a public apology.

     It would seem that people are bent on making it dangerous
to live on ADORE-L.  Thus I am going to have to institute a policy
change to make it sure it survives, for those of you who have
a serious interest in its existance.

     One is reminded of Noah and the Flood.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/20/89*ADORE2