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Date:         Tue, 20 Jun 89 18:37:48 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 20 Jun 89 09:49:05 LCL from 

>So Long everyone!
>   The volume of traffic from this list is more than I can handle. Homer
>has his wish. He will soon be talking to himself. Homer's ideas erally are
>amazing. How anyone can assert that the Chinese students have only themselves
>to blame for their misery is beyond me. Homer, you are not only a bully, but
>a boring one at that. And, by the way, "gods" don'tgo around squashing
>lesser beings like bugs, except on STAR TREK. Hey, wait, that's an idea;
>why not rename ADORE-L "TSAR TREK" !!!
>Jim Diamond

     We all have only ourselves to blame for our condition.
We ALL are to blame for the Chinese situation as it is part of
our over all condition.

     It is nice to think about being a innocent victim, people
join all kinds of discussions to find out how they are innocent
victims, but once you start talking about responsibility they walk
out.  Happens over and over again.

     For example if I get sued by Bill Sklar it will be cause I made
a posting about him rather than boot him from the list as my
gut feeling said I should.

     Even if he is innocent of the charges, if he sues me for something
one ADORE-L it means he was not fit to be here.

     Speaking about libel, seems like I could sue a whole mess
of you for bad things you have said about me on this list.
But it never crossed my mind.

     Things are definitely going to have to change on this list.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/20/89 No subject