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Date:         Tue, 20 Jun 89 22:10:14 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      whos pushing who
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     People say I am trying to push people to see how far
I can go and get away with it.  For my own enjoyment.

     The TRUTH is they are pushing me to see how far
they can go and get away with it.  For their own enjoyment.

     Bitter bitnetters looking for a moderator to take
their fustrations out on come to this list to vent their
fury on me.

     I absolutely can not get into the game of bouncing
people just because I do not like them.  I cant imagine
doing this perfectly or fairly.

     I don't even want to THINK about making such decisions.

     On the other hand people who incite others to sue me
or others on this list for things said in the privacy of this list,
people who have read the charter and the APL's and KNOW this is
a violation of the HIGH TREASON apl are in clear violation of our
trust and should be expurgated forthwith.

     When such people have publically said to the list that they
left the list because it was of no worth to them, and that after
rejoining they still find it is of no worth to them, and yet stay on
to post brazen violations of the apl's, it is clear that there can
be no further reason to tolerate their existance on the list.

     For those of you who wish a Homer Free Zone, how would you
have me run it?  Would you tolerate just anyone?

     Is politeness how we judge people?  Agreement?  Maturity?
How about Honesty and Spiritual Integrity?

     On other lists, people get to stay on just because they are
polite.  But their postings are an endless wash.  ADORE-L must
not become this.

     If people piss you off you MUST be allowed to strike back.
Otherwise it will go underground into your heart to fester and smolder.
Eventually you will leave the list.

     Then you might strike list from the outside and in violating
the HIGH TREASON apl, ruin it for all.  Of course the list
might deserve this if it did not allow you to speak against the
sugary slime and do-gooders of the Merchant Evil.

     As for my having a Mortal Free Zone, I don't think so.
Changes must be internal to me to keep the purity of ADORE-L alive
and the excess flaming traffic down.

     New people will be constantly entering the list, and pulling the
same stunts as people who have tried and failed and left in the past.
For me to get reinvolved in every one of these is an enormous waste
of life energy.  Also if you fight them, it builds their egos.

     Thus as I said, the answer to this is not censorship although
some surely wish it were including me, but an internal change in
personal policy that weeds their postings out and leaves them
for the God of Dust in the Wind that they worship.

     You will notice that the poster who said that ADORE-L was
a big joke is still on the list.  He is waiting to see what I will do.

     I will tell you exactly what I am going to do.

     I am going to let him wait, and waste some more of his life.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/20/89 whos pushing who