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Date:         Wed, 21 Jun 89 15:45:26 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: God. The final frontier. . .
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 21 Jun 89 10:36:34 EDT from 

>Apologies to Bill S. and Homer.
>I made up the stuff about having a lawyer friend who said that Bill might
>have a libel case.  I took two law classes as an undergrad, and I think
>there could be a case, but I confess:
>I did it just to anger you, Homer.

     You are forgiven.  But all should consider the question of
'Who's pushin who?'

>I did it just because I thought castigating someone new to the list
>who hadn't even posted something was rather immature.

     It is true that Bill Sklar is new to the list.  But it is NOT true
that he is new to listserves or my own personal life or previous
lists that we have shared.

     Bill and I have a LONG history, which I finally ended because it
was not worth communicating with him.  He also has at least one other
person VERY mad at him for something that Bill Sklar denies having
any knowledge about.

     As I have said, the data is being collected, and since you are
all the Jury, you will get it when it is ready.

>That said, I have some questions:
>1.  Is there a God or supreme "force" whatever behind the creation of
>    our Universe?

     God or Gods are all conscious Units just like you and me.  We all
all Gods in one stage of self chosen game play or another.

     Underlying consciousness is SOURCE.  It is the ground of our
ability to create.  It can not create itself, but it does do anything
a conscious unit asks it to do.

     Since the external universe of space and time and matter and energy
(TIME STONE) is a virtual machine, a holographic projected illusion
in our colored concious pictures, SOURCE can only create by making
a conscious picture world and make it run as IF it were a real
external universe.  SOURCE is there for some sort of DREAM MACHINE,
it creates what ever dream it is called upon to create by the
Independant Sovereign Units called souls.

>2.  Or is there something common to humans that requires us to have
>    religions?  What I.m saying is, for example:
>          a:  Humans are the most highly evolved creatures on this planet,
>              as far as intellect is concerned.

     Spirits coming to this planet from other planets and universes
before this one, took on bodies to continue a game they were playing.
They took on human bodies that were evolving naturally because they
were the most able.  Who wants a bicycle when you can have a Porche?
Spirits CAN  take over ANYTHING including lampposts.  if they
get very degraded through continuous crime, they will eventually
lose their ability to take over a human body and may become
animals or even your headache.

     This is possibly the fate of spirits on Earth who do not turn
around their dellusion about who caused what.

>          b:  It is human nature to want to understand and comprehend
>              all that is around him.

     Yes.  Since the Spirit CREATED the world, he is very much into
DISCOVERING what he CREATED, EXPRESSING what he discovers, and TRADING

    Since the spirit is an Omni Sovereign know it all of sorts,
he creates the ANSWERS first, and then creates the QUESTIONS by
not knowing the ANSWERS.  He also creates CONFUSIONS in order to
make it more difficult to find the ANSWERS.  Once he finds an answer
he sort of loses that game.  Thus spirits try to continue games
for longer than they might otherwise continue, but making it
harder to win them.  Everytime he wins a game, he loses the game,
as he no longer has a game to play.  Since HAVING a game is more
important than winning, if the spirit gets degraded down to where
he can not create new games once old ones are won, he will make
present games persist longer by failing at them repeatedly on purpose.
Of course you cant get him to own up to this, cause then his game
would be up.

>          c:  Since are lives are so complex, and the Universe is in fact
>              incomprehensible to us know, could the desire to create
>              religions be an evolutionary bug?
     Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions.

     'Since the Universe is IN FACT incomprehensible...'

      Those who KNOW that they can NOT KNOW are fools.

      You can know anything that can effect you.  It may take
you a while, but since you created every bit of it, and since
SOURCE knows all about itself, there is nothing you can not know,
if it affects you.

>          d:  I.E. Without religions there would be no way to
>              explain certain things, so we create religion and God(s)
>              to explain them.
     Yes, religions are created or can be from a very ignorant point of
view.  But Religion can also come from top down, from direct vision
of responsibility.  These religions are not just phoney explanations,
but correct operating manuals of the spirit and the universe.

>Ahh, but what about the big bang and evolution you ask.  Well what was before
>the big bang?  Nothing?  Or maybe there was another universe before ours
>which collapsed in on itself then the big bang resulted from the super dense
>mass left by the previous universe.  Does this go on forever?  Whatever
>happened to Jimmy Hoffa, and was there a second assassin on the grassy
>knoll?  Sometime it had to all begin from somewhere, didn't it?
>So when does it start collapsing again anyway?  Should I cash in
>my savings bonds now?

     Do not cash in your savings bonds now, unless you want to buy
gold, but gold is going lower temporarily.

     You can get out of your body and visit any place in the space
time continuum.  It is all just a hologram, and linear time is
just us travelling along the hologram in a certain path.

     If you change that path arbitrarily with your will (if you dare and can)
you can take any path you want through space time, into the past or
the future or that grassy knoll to find out who was there.

     How old are you?  Maybe it was you.

>Just for the record:  I consider myself a liberal christian w/ Catholic
>tendencies.  But I sometimes wonder about it all.   \
>                                                    |
>Homer:  Sorry to disappoint you about being on of those.
>        But you made reference to Noah and an ark the other
>        day which is straight out of Judeao/Christian mythology.
>        What gives?

     I am a Christian too, but I also wonder, and I HATE modern day

     My view.  CHRIST is a POST, like President only lower.  Many beings
have occupied that post in the past, and many will occupy it in the
future.  Each occupation though lasts a very very long time.

     Jesus was a man who attained that post in his life.  In Buddhist
writings he is called Mateya.  Just another name for Jesus.

     Jesus is NOT the only Son of God, we are ALL Sons of SOURCE.
Including 'God', also a post at the top of this universe.

     Jesus was not crucified on a cross of wood.

     He may have died going clear, attaining the state called
CHRISTHOOD.  But having attained the state sucessfully he was able
to reanimate his body as proof.

     Thus his death was not a public execution, the whole story in
the Bible being a creation after the fact by a monk who was trying
to encode in metaphors the process that Jesus went through braving
the final frontier to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, dying in so doing it,
as many have done, but making it anyhow, and proving it by coming
back alive.

     By making it, he made it easier for all of us to confront it,
as we know that one has done it before us and understands.

     Thus it is possible we do not have to endanger out bodies and
kick off trying to do what he did.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/21/89*God. The final frontier. . .