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Resent-Date:  Wed, 21 Jun 89 20:09:33 EDT
Resent-From:  Homer 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm

>        Ah!  Threats! ;-)
>        Give me a break.  You seem to think of yourself as powerful,
>Homer, as if you could truly effect anything by kicking me off.

     Presumably you are on this list because it benefits your life
in some way.  If it does not, then you should not be on the list.
One then imagines that you have some motivation for staying on
the list like the rest of us.

     Anyhow, it will be the members of this list who will be the
final Jury when and IF the data comes through.

     If the data does not come through, the matter will be dropped.

     And for the record, the writing of the APL's resulted DIRECTLY
with my experiences on GAYNET and with YOU.

    I never wanted to see another list again after GAYNET, until
I finally solved my inner turmoil with the APL's.

>        CHRISTIA, POLITICS, ALLMUSIC and GAYNET have all been a lot
>hotter than anything I've seen here, so this is nothing new to me.

     Having been on POLITICS I can say that it is a very civil list
and although I am sure the etiquette breaks down sometimes,
in general behavior such as tolerated here would be cause for immediate
expulsion there.

     In fact it was when you first came on to politics that it was
soon made into a subscription by request only list.  I don't suppose
you had anything to with that, eh?

     Anyone reading the politics list charter will see the fall out
from your visit there.

     GAYNET is occupied by a bunch of flowers (baring one or two real
people) who wilt at the slightest sense of disharmony which is exactly
why I am no longer there.

     In fact it was the decision of the GAYNET moderator to
edit and digestify MY POSTINGS only to that board, that prompted me to

     So who now are the thin skinned ones?

>Of course, this is merely because you're probably not thick-skinned
>enough to handle them. ;-)

     As for the CHRISTIAN list, yeah you are right, my skin is
not thick enough for them.

>                                --Bill (86730@Lawrence.Bitnet)
>Bill, you are making yourself look really stupid.
>Their is no subject hotter than discussing IMMORTALITY AND

     Total reponsibility for EVERYONES condition.


     All CHOOSE that ALL CHOOSE.

     Others are part of our condition.  They live and act in OUR DREAM.

     There for we are responsibile for them too.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/21/89 Undelivered mail