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Date:         Wed, 21 Jun 89 20:24:56 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Howl like a knife.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 20 Jun 89 21:03:00 CDT from 

>Coming up:   o Drugs are an escape? What, then, are RELIGIONS LIKE ADORE?

     Drugs are not an escape.  They are a RELIEF.  They open the window
of your prison a bit, but never let you out.

     They do however show you there is an out, and CAN in skilled hands
help you GET out.  But they themselves might kill you first.

     Many have tried, most ended up dead.

>             o Homer won't nicely relate his Experiences? I'll give you
>               my own: I've a psychic background that will chill yer bones off

     Yeah me too.  Let's share monster vibes, and power shifts.
     Not to mention Beauty visions, and temporal collapses.

>             o China's students are killed because they chose to be?
>               Amazing proof from the Homeland that they were shot by others
>               who had NO permission to do so.

    Now Jared, you KNOW I never said this.  Not the way you are putting it.

     Another being can not be in your dream with out your permission.

    By entering this universe, you enter THEIR dream, and they not only
give you permission to be here, but you also give THEM all permission
to be in your dream.  The external shared dream is a virtual machine,
with many links between beings.  That is why it is so stable.
Its always the same dream day to day.  Its all based on agreement.

     We don't remember all this granting of permission because we
are dreaming.   Its called life.  Sometimes you have a lucid dream
when you are asleep, and you KNOW you are dreaming and you can remember
you are really lying in bed at school or something.  Well sometimes
when you are awake you might get lucid for a moment and remember
coming into this body of yours.

     Dont' tell anyone bout it though, they do not want to know.

>             o And last, AND least: Homer a GOD? Proof from his Father,
>               who is secretly Gorbachev, that he IS!!!

    If Homer is a God (which he is) then Jared is a God (which he is).

     If Jared is NOT a God (which ain't true) then Homer is
not a God (which ain't true either.)

     You develope very bad Karma by quoting this stuff incorrectly.

     It is an effort to make a fool out of me, but just reinforces
the fragile view you have of yourself.

>Sorry, Homer, about that last one. Really, I do admire a lot of the stuff
>you write. But SOME of it's honk-zablooey trash, you just gotta admit.
>Man, what's it like to be the most picked-on person since Joseph Smith?

     Its not trash, and I feel fine.  It is YOU who don't feel so hot.

     Try a little Divinity for Breakfast.  It is better than Wheaties.

     Wheaties makes you strong.  Divinity makes you Immortal and Strong

     The problem with Divinity is it might put Wheaties out of business.

>                                 -Jared.
>don't see it happening) Nick and Jim and Jim jump back on later if for no
>other reason than BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, DAMMIT! Transcend ADORE if you don't
>want it, but don't rip the guts out of the superstructure that has NOTHING
>TO DO WITH ADORE AT ALL!!! Dang you for being so selfish...

     Jim is leaving ADORE-L in error.  Although I can't believe
how naive he seems to be sometimes which has engendered my hostility
to him, I think he is honestly looking for answer.

     Nick on the other hand is a know it all.  He will come back
to ADORE-L just to post 'how stupid it all is' postings that are
his trademark.

     Of course there are those that say I think I am a know it all.

     But you see, they are just SAYING that.

     I am not perfect, (actually we all are), but I speak from
direct experiences.  ADORE is not some fantasy made up for fun.
It is the result of many years of pain and danger and application
of 'the way in is the way out' and theories on total responsibility.

     ADORE is a serious scientific work, that in the end will be
completely cabable of proving its tenets to anyone who wants
to have them proven.  Not however to those who merely SAY they
want to have them proven in the hope for a good jab...

     Nick on the other hand will never have proof for his 'its
all so stupid' postings, as WE will be out flying around out of our
bodies, watching HIM on the toilet.

     There will be better things to watch.

     Think about it.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/21/89*Howl like a knife.