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Date:         Wed, 21 Jun 89 20:47:48 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Things
To:           Jim McCabe ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of 21 June 89, 09:06:04 EST


>> It is hard to take your glib answers seriously.  If I had discovered
>> an atomic weapon that would make us a super super power, would you
>> suggest I tell my friends, write a book, and mislead the pentagon?
>   I don't know what I'd do in that case.  But, there are many many
>books out there that supposedly describe how to acheive an OBE, and
>I've never heard of any of those people having any government troubles.

    Yes but Jim, you ARE being VERY VERY naieve.  It is one thing
to get out and wander around some dream world astral plane or something
whilst your silver cord is till attached to your body.

    It is quite another thing to achieve a fully self determined
exteriorization IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE where you can go wandering

     Maybe I am saying something NEW to you that you have not read
before and you are not seeing that what I am saying is orders of
magnitude more dangerous than what charlatans and panseys write about.

>   An atomic weapon can only be used to kill people.  Someone who
>can get out of their body can be used to do bad things too, but not
>exclusively.  Hopefully, someone who has reached that level of
>development would also develop a good set of ethics, but certainly
>there have probably been people who have used that ability for bad
If you published a book, most likely it would be ignored
>by most people as another one of "those crazy New Age books", and
>only the good people would use the information.  But I'm probably
>very naive too.

     Jim, yep.  People get back power in gradient steps.  Sometimes
the ethics comes with the ability, sometimes not.  I submit we
LOST the abilities due to unethical use of them.  NOT having them
was our solution to keeping ourselves under control.

     Someone may have good intentions, but then would it not
be GOOD to expose the data in the Kremlin?  Further could not the
pentagon or the Russians come and grab YOU and torture YOU
until I agreed to use my abilities for them?

>> It is hard to respect you when you come across like this because
>> it seems like you are still making fun exteriorization.
>   Making fun of exteriorization?  You've got the wrong guy.  Recall
>that was the first thing I ever talked to you about!  Exteriorization
>has got to be one of the most important things to ever happen to a
>person.  But, I'm not into exteriorization for the kick of it alone,
>I'm into it more because I'm hoping it will reveal more of the true
>reality to me.
    Yes, that is good.
>> Yes that would be a good time, but you would also start visiting
>> other civiliations in this and other galaxies, and that might be
>> a bit scary, don't you think?
>   Not necessarily.  I think I'd be scared if they knew I was
>watching.  :)  If I could observe them without fear of being
>seen or "caught" or whatever, then I would love it!  I'm fully
>adjusted to the fact that there are probably extremely advanced
>civilizations out there.  Then again, since I haven't ever dealt
>with them, again I'm probably naive to the whole thing.
    You would feel uncomfortable have others know you were watching them,
but don't think the Pentagon would be much of a trouble to you?

    I don't understand how you can say one thing and the other.

     The Pentagon for a fact is working full time on this stuff,
trying to get people out of their bodies etc.  The Church of Scientolgoy,
is one of their GREATEST fears from secret documents I have read from
ex scientologists, because their tech seems to work better than others.
Of course the Church itself might be almost worse than the Pentagon, and maybe
if we got out, the Scientologists would come after us!

>> Any person who attains a full fledged ext can prove it very
>> easily to anyone.  Seems like you are not taking this subject
>> seriously.
>   If they can repeat it, too.  Honestly, I'm not sure how, or if,
>I'd tell my parents about it.  I'll let you know when it happens.
>Hopefully it will be soon -- that's been my primary goal since before
>we even started chatting.
>> So would all my friends, Jim including possibly you.  You still
>> think it is a good idea to broadcast it widely?
>   I don't really understand what that first sentence is referring
>to.  Do you mean I wouldn't believe you, or that I have a narrow
>view of reality, or what?
     No.  Not any more.  But you would be VERY suspicious right?
You would DOUBT it and make me prove it over and over and over.
You would probably have a few nightmares over it once it really
came through to you that it had been done, and YOU were about
to learn how.   And you MIGHT let it slip out to the wrong fellows.

>   When I ext on my own, I am not going to call up my local newspaper
>and TV news shows.  However, I will tell the friends that would be
>interested in it.  I know many people who wouldn't care to know.
>I don't understand how anyone can feel that way, but that's their
>life, and I'm not going to force my philosphy on them.  I don't feel
>any duty to enlighten anyone to the True Way, because I'm sure they'll
>all find it in their own good time, whether or not its in this
>   This may be one of the big ways in which we differ.  I've been
>influenced by Bach's "Illusions" very much.  It seems you have a
>strong desire to spread what you've discovered, and this IS a good,
>noble thing to do.  You'll probably help enlighten people who wouldn't
>have found it otherwise.  But, I tend to think that everyone will
>eventually find out about this when they are ready, so I don't think
>I'd feel guilty for not actively teaching people how to find the things
>I will have found.  It's just not my personal style.  Most of the people
>I interact with every day would never know the difference.

     I feel a hurry since the world is in such a dangerous state
with atmoic war and ecology and everything.

     I wish people had englightened me before my parents self destructed
20 years ago.  I have not enjoyed walking this path alone.
Fortunately, I have not been totally alone, but I intend to create
for others, what I wish had been created for me.

>   Um, just as a side note here, in one of your earlier private messages
>to me, you admit that you have exteriorized, so I always ignored the
>comments on Adore like, "If I HAD exteriorized I wouldn't tell you
>anyway".  :)  I figured this was your official public stance, so I
>never complained about it.  ;)

     I have had many many many exteriorizations but they have
all been very fast, in and out, very uncontrolled, usually born
of fear or anger or wild enthusiasm, very unstable and not
very desirable.  I have had also had them in dreams of past
lives which are memories of them not actual present time ones.

     They are also terrifying experiences, sort of like teeter totering
on the verge of an infinitely high cliff.

     They are also useless and unwelcome except as proof that something
might be up.

     I have not gotten out to go wandering around.

>   It sounds like I'm in for a longer ride than I thought, judging
>from the pain you mention.  Hopefully it won't be as bad for me.
>I have a friend who says that she has never had any trouble exteriorizing
>so maybe it's different for all of us.

     I suffered through the deaths of both of my parents as a mortal
child.  The failure to exteriorize at that time to see that we were
Immortal beings, led to much emotional charge which only later did
I begin to uncover.  It is as easy to get out, as you have not
suffered losses because you could NOT get out.

     You can get stuck in on a silliness, like it never occurss to
you to try to get out because you have been indoctrinated into the
idea you are a body.  But once the losses start to build, losses
that would have been assuaged if you could have gotten out, then
it becomes very hard to get out, until you recover the lost emotional
charge and the forgotten traumas.

>   I've got a little question simply about technique here.  Do you
>meditate when you achieve your OBE's?  I'm just curious, I sure wouldn't
>want that happening while I'm in line at the bank or something.  :)
>You never really went into this on Adore-L.

     No, my OBE's always happen during Therapy... Recovering lost
emotional charge.  I remember something finally, and bang/crash.

 Homer               Jim McCabe           6/21/89*Things