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Date:         Thu, 22 Jun 89 18:57:12 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Things
To:           Jim McCabe ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of 22 June 89, 08:22:15 EST

Further could not the
>> pentagon or the Russians come and grab YOU and torture YOU
>> until I agreed to use my abilities for them?
>   Okay okay, you win.  I'll stop calling you paranoid until I am able
>to get out myself, and then I'll let you know my position on this.  ;)

     Excellent, I love it.

     It is relatively easy to get out compared to lifting cars with your
mind.  If you get out, your BODY will be in danger from those who would
rather you not cause trouble.

     Other countries would be terrified you could act as a surveillence
mechanism for your country.  You could too.

     They would have no secrets at all, as you could sit in on
any meeting there was.  This is very serious stuff.

>   That's because I have no reason to think they are paying attention to
>these things, but if you've seen government documents...

     There are people in the government who are well aware that the
world is a dream and that beings can get out of their bodies.

     They are also aware of other groups who are working on this
data in a more intelligent fashion than they are.

     They also have direct plans for USING these abilities once
it can be proven to work reliably, and with people who are loyal.

     The RUSSIANS are working on it full time.
>   I also know nothing about Scientology, although there is a church here
>in sleepy little Houghton, believe it or not.

     My experience with the Chuch of Scientology is as PEOPLE they will
turn you off violently with their semi Nazi attitude towards spiritual
advancement.  The writings of L Ron Hubbard are generally ridiculed
publically, but having read most of them, I wonder if it is not just
a front to keep people away from his data.  The GOVERNMENT PUBLICALLY
hates the Scientologists, but again from ex Scio;s who have worked with
the government too, say the government has some serious respect for
their Technology.  The Scio's HATE the government though and would never
cooperate with them.  A good book on some of this stuff is
'Madman or Messiah?'  One wonders if not a mixture of both.

>>      They are also useless and unwelcome except as proof that something
>> might be up.
>   Well, unless you'd like zipping around the solar system, visiting Halley's
>Comet, etc...

     I was refering to my personal moments of ext, which were fast
and unstable and did not last long enough to be of use.

   To wander around the solar system away from your body, you would
have to attain a truly stable fully self determinied ext, and your
body would have  to know to behave itself while you were gone.

>>      No, my OBE's always happen during Therapy... Recovering lost
>> emotional charge.  I remember something finally, and bang/crash.
>   Therapy?  Care to go into a little more detail here?  What IS this?
>Are you alone, or with someone else?  Etc...

     Alone.  It is an accumulation of everything I have learned from
others and myself.  Just looking for the lost emotional charge and
moments of extreme denial of total responsibility for contdition...

     Remembering by forgetting more... that sort of thing.
     It is an on going process that I do formally with myself when
needed every few days, and informally all day long as things
come up and go BOO while I work or do things with other people.

 Homer               Jim McCabe           6/22/89*Things