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Date:         Thu, 22 Jun 89 19:10:40 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Jane, How do I stop this crazy contraption, Jane, JANE. . .
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 22 Jun 89 09:55:34 EDT from 

>Jane writes in reply to my reply:
>>But in getting on Homer's case for castigating Bill before he
>>had posted on Adore-l you are not looking to see what
>>history existed between Homer and Bill prior to Bill
>>subscription to Adore-l.
>I guess since my soul has come from some alien planet, I have the ability
>of mindreading, telepathy, etc.?

     I guess this is my fault.  I THOUGHT I posted enough material about
Bill Sklar in that first posting to state clearly that there were past
reasons for my feelings.

>Homer flamed this guy, giving us no facts, just innuendo.  I didn't
>hear of any alledged violations by Bill until a couple days later.
>Homer still hasn't presented us with any facts about Bill causing
>someone to loose an account. (Is that how the story goes?)

     Apparently the account was closed for one day.  The person had
to go talk to his higher ups and was throughly miffed about it.

     No permament harm was done, except the setting of a dangerous
precedent once again on BITNET.  Even if you disagree with someones
views, you NEVER EVER take it to an administrator of the computer system
of the school.  You take it to the moderator of the list and solve it
within the private confines of the group.  Lois Buwalda, moderator of
the politics list, was perfectly capable of handling the situation

     The fact is the guys account was closed down.  It does not matter
if anyone ever intended it to be closed down, or even knew about it
afterwards.  The fact that it was closed down, means word got to
an external system god, who talked to another external system god
at the 'offenders' school who closed down the offenders account.

     If it had gone to the list moderator it could never have
resulted in the account being closed down.  They usually just
bounce the person or lock out the list until things cool.

     ADORE-L came within 3 minutes of being locked out by me
a few days ago.

     As for Bill and my original posting,

     I was willing to let it drop, assuming that Bill would BRAG
about his escapades.  In fact his actions were somewhat motivated by
misbehavior on all sides, but misbehavior it still was IF he did
what is alleged.

     I was very surprised and still am by his total denial of any knowledge
of the matter, and all I can say is it is not wise to have people mad at you
when you don't even know it.

     The anger in the wronged camp is still very real, and the data
is being collected for you all to judge.

     You know people can change their ways, it is not imperative that
some action be taken against Bill even if you decide he did do what
is alleged, which he may not have.

     He is not going to be kicked off ADORE-L BY ME merely for past
actions.  The actions theoretically should have happened on ADORE-L
to make them really serious high crimes.  Else I would have
kicked him off on day one and told you about it afterwards.

     Bill has been known to join lists just after they start talking
about GAYS and he of course takes a vigorous stand for their rights
against the anti gay forces.  This is fine with me.  However you will
notice that just before Bill signed on to ADORE-L there was some
heat going down about GAYS from WELLBORN and who ever else.

     Word gets around in the gay community, and it is possible
that Bill signed on either to keep the peace, or join the fray, or
get someones account closed down or complain to the authorities,
or post poetry which we all appreciate.

     I do in any case.

>>There is no law in the Adore-l charter stating that
>>new subscriber are NOT FAIR GAME until they post.
>Human decency isn't listed specifically either.  But that doesn't
>mean you HAVE to be an ASSHOLE at every opportunity.

     I am not an asshole at every opportunity.  I am an asshole
at every OTHER opportunity... I believe in a balance in all things.

>By the way. . .did you ever notice how you
>never see Homer and Jane together in the same room at the same time?

     Serious accusation here.


     Not Jane.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/22/89*Jane, How do I stop this craz