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Date:         Thu, 22 Jun 89 20:43:14 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Not quite...
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 22 Jun 89 12:19:00 CST from <86730@LAWRENCE>

>        Once again, an accusation with no proof.  I wasn't the reason
>those charters were written-- ask Lois.  I'll give her address
>privately to anyone who wants to check.

     Lois's address is LOIS at UCF1VM.

     I have said before that Sklar did not act with out provocation,
provocation that was certainly out side of the limits of the Politics list,
but NOT outside of the limits of ADORE-L.

     Bill is under scrutiny not because of past actions on past lists,
but because of potential action on THIS list.

     For example, Bill,  how did you find out about ADORE-L?

     Why did you join?

     What do you hope to get out of this list?

     What do you hope to GIVE to this list?

     How would you deal with vigorously anti gay forces on this list?

     You realize that by staying on this list you waiver all rights
to write ANYTHING to ANYONE outside of this list concerning complaints
you may have about the views or attitudes expressed on this list
no matter what they may be or who said them.

     If you DO take such action, you will have committed an act of
HIGH TREASON against a list and this WILL be brought up with
administrators across the net from the highest on down.

     If your intentions are only good on this list, then you have
nothing to worry about.  But why on Earth would I have reason
to doubt you if you were so lilly white?

     I am sorry this thing has taken up so much list time.

     I would like to get back to serious warfare.  Its much
more fun.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/22/89*Not quite...