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Date:         Thu, 22 Jun 89 21:05:01 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Hark! Who goes there?
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 22 Jun 89 18:18:00 CDT from 

> your permission." And YOU should know better than THAT, too! Homer, I'm
> a student in China, protesting the low-on-the-evolutionary-scale type of
> communism running my country. I'm standing in Tianenmen Square, DOING
> about my beliefs. A soldier who shoots me out of the blue does NOT have my
> permission to do so.

     You are denying total responsibility for your condition.  By entering
this game you give permission for the game to effect you in any way it can.
But denying responsibility you stick yourself in the game forever.

     Since time is finite, all learn one day.

     By remembering and thus accepting full responsibility for creating and
being in the game, you might possibly be able to exteriorize not only from
your body, but also from the universe as well.  Then you could never be
shot as you would not be in the game.  Further from this viewpoint you
could enter the game with an enormous amount of power and take over the
soldiers body WHILE HE WAS STILL IN IT, and turn him around against his
will and walk him off into the sunset.

     By cowering IN the body, and saying 'YOU DONT HAVE PERMISSION'
you are sure to have come at you what ever the other guy does not
have permission to send.

I believe divinity to be on the side of democracy...

     This is an awareness characteristic called DUALITY which is

     A scale I will post one day.  DUALITY asserts that there are
two basic forces in the universe, one good (Divinity) and one bad
(Divinity has nothing to do with it).

     There is only ONE force, and that is DIVINITY and it creates both
the bood and the bad.  If GOOD were to win, it would help the bad,
if the BAD were to win, it would help the GOOD.  The purpose of Divinity
is to keep the game going.  YOU ARE that DIVINITY.  In this universe
once all is good, the game is over, and we must build a new game which
involves making some more BAD.

     Good always wins over bad in the end, but Divinity then goes
on to make another game which is more bad to fight.

> be returning to the Tree image often for a while, as long as we talk
> about what a man should be like...

     Do trees talk about what a man should be like?  If not, why
are we doing it?  Do we become what a man should be like by doing what
a man should NOT be like?

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/22/89*Hark! Who goes there?