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Date:         Thu, 22 Jun 89 21:16:53 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: SPite DrIveth a MaN TOO forthgathbone.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 22 Jun 89 18:20:00 CDT from 

>o Quit calling yourself God. You don't have to go that HIGH. God is the guy
> who created this planet you're sitting on, and he's offended by you calling
> yourself GOD when you haven't even learned how to wipe your butt yet.

     It is quite Godly to not know how to wipe ones butt.  It took
Godliness to CREATE that state of IGNORANCE.

     The God you refer to may have made this planet, but he did not
make ME.  I saw what he made, and payed my tickets to the theater.

> very special term reserved for Gods. Get past that selfish concept of
> godliness, and you'll learn a lot quicker.

     We are all Gods.  God means Omni Sovereign Being who CHOSE to
be as he is in this game.  That is MY definition and the one I use.
We all are Gods.

>o YOU develop very bad Karma by creating the obstacle of Godliness to climb
> over constantly. It's MUCH better for your spirit if you recognize that
> you are pretty dinky-- but headed toward Godliness, than if you call yourself
> GOD and fart out your mouth all day.

     We are all Gods.  What do you mean headed for Godliness?

     Is there something that is NOT Godly?  We made ourselves,
it is all Divine.  It can be KINDER, and MORE INTELLIGENT,
and STRONGER and WISER, but it is ALL Divine.

Be gentle, dear Jane.) that it's
> hard to extract an appreciation for her.

     She is finding it hard to extract an appreciation of YOU.

>o Just in time. I was getting tired of Wheaties. I was eyeing the Cheerios
> the other day. Guess I'll try Divinity. Call myself God for a while. Then,
> when I'm tired of that, I'll call myself OverGod, and blow you all to hell.
> Calling yourself God doesn't make you one. Be wary as to whether you are,
> Homer. That's all I ask.
    We all are Gods.  God does not me FULLY OPERATIONAL OMNI SOVEREIGN BEING.
It merely means Omni Sovereign Being.  One who CHOSE.

     There are great heights to climb in Ability, we merely farts in the
wind compared to the top, but we are all Gods.

> does at times reflect those pains. It's good. But there are some fundamental
> points you've got to get straightened out. That's what we're here for.
> I'm sorry that you feel ADORE is so complete and polished.

    It is VERY bad Karma to mis quote me.  I have never said it
was complete or polished.  In fact it is exactly the opposite, a
tangle mess.  Otherwise I would have posted the entire 400 page
manuscript ages ago.  To Walden Books.

You in no way have
> a monopoly on truth...

     I never claimed I did.  Just a fresh rewrite in the borning...

     There have been others, there will BE others.

     I am just one.

     From ADORE,

     As for ADORE,

     ADORE stands for A Divine Operating Religion of Excalibur.

     Excalibur has many Divine Operating Religions.

     ADORE is an English Operating Version.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/22/89*SPite DrIveth a MaN TOO forth