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Date:         Fri, 23 Jun 89 18:54:00 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Jared's new list.
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Jared, me senses a cop out.  Not that you are starting your
own list, but that you find my sense of total responsibility
so overwhelming that you have to leave.

     Since when is it such a crime to have a self?  To be a fully
operational being.  Ayn Rand would shudder to hear you give
the self such a bad name.

     Are we all so overwhelmed by the monsters and Gods in our minds
that we have to assign bigger beingness to everyone else but us?

     Do you have someone in your mind saying 'I OWN YOU, how DARE you
assert your Godhood, you little WORM!'?

     Yes I did create the Earth, so did you.  We ALL created the
entire Universe as we HAVE to create it to enter it.  It may have
been originally Authored by someone else, but to enter it, we have
to recreate it in its entirety.

     Total responsibility is a big thing.  Certainly bigger than
our parents told us.  RESPONSIBILITY for RESPONSE ABILITY.

     As for joining your list, we shall see.  I am still trying to
create a Homer Free Zone here, and if that fails maybe we will tout
yours as a Homer Free Zone.

     Since you are leaving this list because of diametrically opposite
views from mine, we know there could be just conflict on your list
if I were there.  You are forming your own list, BECAUSE this one
which had so much hope for you failed.  Thus logically I can not
see but how your list would fail for me.

     If you want, I can advertise your list in our charter.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/23/89 Jared's new list.