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Date:         Sat, 24 Jun 89 00:51:40 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: lolly
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 16 Jun 89 15:42:00 CDT from 

>     What we gotta realize is that Christian Theology has come
>down to us from before the Dark Ages UNCHANGED.  To accept today the thinking
>of 2000 yers ago as fact is inane.  If we did that in any other field
>of endeavor, things would be in sorry shape.
>        >has ADORIAN theology (?) always existed?  has The World been
>>the Adorian way (according to you, homer) since the beginning of time?
>>If so (and please explain either way), then if someone 2000 years ago
>>had unearthed what you have, it would still be true, yes?  at least
>>the foundations.
>>given that, couldn't christian theology work the same way?  if you have
>>a few fundamentally right ideas from the beginnin', they don't need
>>to be changed...maybe expanded and enlightened and inspired...

     Yes, absolutely, the correct parts of any theology remain
correct through time.   But scientific world views expoused
by such religions must be treated with a grain of salt.

     It used to be part of Religious Dogma that the Earth was the
center of the solar system and that there are no other planets
with life on it.

     As science has evolved we now realize that there is great probablility
that there is life on other planets, always has been and always will be
as long as the Universe functions.

     But how do we SAVE these people?  Does this not throw a monkey
wrench in the CREATION idea of the beginning, and does it not say
that Heaven is an ever expanding place with a potential
infinite population?

     If there is only one planet with a few billion people that
lasts for 9000 years from beginning to end, then possibly
God could afford to get crucified here for our sins.  Also
it would be possible that the human body is NOT just an evolved ape.

     On the other hand, given the vast span of time and the fossil
record and our present concept of the origins of the Unvierse, then
the human body IS just an evolved ape, and possible has a SPIRIT IN
it.  But it the spirit is IN it, then maybe the spirit can get OUT
of the body, and if it can get out, then it is not a body, and
maybe it lives independant of the body, and therefore maybe
it has lived forever.

    And surely God would get sick of being crucified on planet after
planet through out the Galaxy.  It is just too sick an idea.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/24/89*lolly