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Date:         Mon, 06 Mar 89 16:44:25 EST
From:         Homer W. Smith
Subject:      Re: Religion , cold feet and ADORE BIBLES .
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 5 Mar 89 21:56:19 EST from 

>>Yeah, sure, and last I heard, idiocy was invented in a computer account
>>named JDIAMOND.
>>  Jose Maria
>50% content ??
>Homer are you going to insist on kicking this guy off or not ??

     The rules for handling violations are clearly set out in
APL No. 3 which you certainly should not read either.

>May Jesus come and hurt you all.

     Evil intention.

>Religion does not interest me at all,

     Life consists of Religion, Science, Art and Business.  Are you
missing one third of your person?

but a condemnation of
>all religous community work for example indicates a severe case of

     Ah, the sweet smell of content.

It would be interesting to hear what that guy who offered
>to eat the ball(!) of the Pope is doing to solve the situation in Poland.

     More content.

>On a second thought I don't want to know.

     Anti content.

I fail utterly to see that sick people are
>restricted to church communities. I see a lot of them here.

     Join the club.

>Homer himself is no better. He calls my action "High- Treason" against
>the list and the people on it: I never have and never will read his
>"ADORE BIBLE". Am I being confrontational ?? I don't think so.

     It is high treason to not read the REVIEW CHARTER and the APL's
IF such failure leads to serious upset that would have otherwise been

     If you are going to read things, always make sure you read
just HALF of them.  It makes it much better that way.
>And if this posting fails Homers 50% "rule", we'll meat later. :-)

     I hope that the more mature elements of this list do not
give up in disgust and leave because of a few noise makers.

     Jon Kjoll is capable of content.  I know he is because I
have a letter from him from long ago that actually has some content in it.
Do not be deceived therefore by his recent postings.

>Jon Kjoll

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