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Date:         Sat, 24 Jun 89 20:31:16 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Tests
To:           Adore-l list ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 16 Apr 89 23:09:14 EST from 

>By the way, this is a problem I worry about.  Our minds are capable
>of some pretty nifty things, including vivid hallucinations and
>realistic imagination.

     Our minds are also capable of NEGATIVE hallucination, which
is NOT seeing what IS there.

     Also ANTI IMAGINATION, which is being UNABLE to use data from
our pasts to conjure up new images.

I've HEARD that when one leaves their body
>or remembers a past life, there is no question (in that person's mind)
>whatsoever that the experience is real, and not just imagination.
>But, since I have not yet experienced these things, I have thought up
>some ways of "proving" them to myself.

     I have had endless numbers of more vivid than life experiences
and memories that were clearly memories that belonged to SOMEONE,
but I did not recognize them as mine.  Sort of like I was visiting
someone elses mind.

     However one way you can tell if a memory is yours, is if it is
a memory of a time you were extremely SELF AWARE.  Then when you remember
it again, theres YOU being SELF AWARE, and you can recognize yourself as
the being who was being self aware.

     The problem with this method, is you have to remember a moment
when you were self aware.  These moments hardly comprise most of
our waking experiences because usually we are just busy doing something
not being totally introspective.

>The obvious problem with past lives (why does no one mention
>future lives?) is that it is usually next to impossible to find
>accurate data to confirm your experiences.  Currently, we have
>no way to look at the birth records from the year 2112, so those
>lives are unverifiable.  Similarly, it is almost (but not quite)
>as hard to verify past lives that are VERY old.

     The problem with this is that IF past lives are real, then
PROBABLY consciousness is not made of matter and the external
world is a DREAM.  Thus when you talk about looking for evidence
you are aksing yourself to look at crystallized pictures that
might be still floating around in your consciousness of the external
world to prove to yourself that you were conscious before in another
age.  But it is YOUR pictures you are looking at.

     This is dangerous because it is akin to falling down to looking
into your own pictures to PROVE that you exist.  You have to exist
to have pictures in the first place, so there is some logic to it,
if you find a picture of yours 200 years old, then you must have
been there, but it is just kind of ass backwards.

     True awareness of Eternity comes from within, not from without.

>If the past life was within the past couple hundred years, and
>on this planet, then there is some chance that you will be able
>to find SOME evidence to support the theory that you lived then.
>If you know the name of the person and the place they lived,
>you can check up on old documents such as birth and death
>certificates, local newspaper articles, etc...  Or, you can
>go there yourself and see if the place is how you remember it.
>Sure, things change, but major landmarks (mountains, hills,
>rivers, etc) are much slower and might still be somewhat the same.

>This is why people rarely believe someone who claims to have been
>someone very famous (Napoleon, Hitler, Jim Morrison, Christ,

     People who are very low tone will tend to go into the
valence of who ever they think overwhelmed them.  These people are
usually in mental hospitals or possibly on their way.  They
claim they were so and so, but really so and so was just more
successfull in their eyes than they were, and they may have known
the person in a past life where the famous person 'won' at their
expense.  Thus they become the victor abandoning their own
true identity.  Thus all the Naopleons and Hitlers...

     Hitler on the other hand is certainly still walking around
as someone.  Sort in CONCEAL mode eh? as no one knows who he
is in his present body.  It would be unlikely that he would
own up.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/24/89*Tests