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Date:         Sun, 25 Jun 89 22:07:18 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Adore-l list 
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>   Homer Smith may claim that the USA was/is the greatest trading nation
>in history, not Britain, hoping to invalidate my claims. I do not agree
>that the USA was/is specifically a trading nation, and I'll refute that
>statement if he chooses to make it.
>                        NickGeovanis-UWC6NTG@UICVMC

     I also do not see women supporting a whole family including
her husband who stays home with the kids, as a natural or workable
means of survival.  Most women abhor the thought of supporting
their families alone, while most men take it as a challenge.

     Further if the man became a housewife, then the woman
would have to work while pregnant AND support the children
AND man of the house, and I think most of them would go
on strike or find a man who would switch roles with them.

     In my view, and I know people don't like it, the child
is dependant on the woman, the woman is dependant on the man,
and the man is dependant on the god.

     Each is a step in a ladder of ability and dependancy.

     No spirit gets stuck forever in being either a Child, Woman,
Man or God, so can visit each as it pleases.

     To claim that women and men are equal in ability as measured
bye Scope, Span, Depth and Field goes against my common experience.

     Of course within each sex you have very able women and very
unable men.  We must not confuse the matter by using these examples
to say therefore that women are superior to men.  We must judge
people in their own category.

    I am sorry if this offends the hell out of anyone.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/25/89 No subject