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Date:         Sun, 25 Jun 89 22:32:26 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Homer's Ravings: Volume Two in a Series
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 19 Apr 89 23:39:00 CDT from 

>>     But so what?  The SPIRIT takes over the body after it is born.
>>Who cares if you knock off a piece of meat?  Only psychotic
>>spirits who think they are grade A prime rib would give it second
>        Exactly when after birth does this occurr? Ceseareans and the like
>would seem to wreak havoc with such a notion.

     Not at all.  The spirit can take over ANYTHING, even a lamp post.
It can take over the fetus before it is born or even an old man
if the original spirit leaves it.  Some spirits who are very
powerful can kick someone who is already the rightful owner
of the body OUT and then take it over.

     Thus the time of the final ASSUMPTION (entering the body
for good) can vary from person to person.  Maybe from right
at birth to a few months after.

     You gotta remember that a body with out a spirit in it is
prime rib just begging to be owned.  With bodies in such
high demand today, it is unlikely that a body could go
for very long with out someone taking it over.

     I have no idea how it works though, some say that
Earth is highly controlled in the between life area, and
spirits are ASSIGNED bodies.  Others have reported that
when they died, they just went to the nearest hospital and
copped another baby body in the maternity ward.

     Others say that they follow the parents from even before they
are married sending sexual thoughts to them in order to get them
to do it, so that the spirit can have a baby body with them as
parents.  Usually such a spirit is still in good shape, can
stand not having a body for a while, can look after its new
parents to be, and carry through with being their child after
the baby is born.

     Other spirits are so psychotic that they go screaming around
after they die, and the inbetween life crew has to pick them
up and stick them in a body as soon as possible to shut them up.
The din, the din!

     Needless to say most people do not talk about the subject,
and those that do are often under drugs or hypnosis or other such
methods held in wide disrepute.  And then of course
there is always the subject of IMAGINATION which the skeptics
bring up usually to show that they don't have any.

>        The meat is not the spirit. You are right in that and that only.
>The body is the spirit's only means of experience. Without it, it is a mere

     The body is NOT the spirits only means of experience, and in fact
the spirit can experience much better without a body.  The body is
like a pair of glasses to a spirit who has lost its ability to
see unaided.  Once free seeing becomes intolerable, the spirit
will take over things that have only a limited ability of
sight and hearing, so that it does not have to know what is going
on out of reach.  Imagine being able to see and hear all the screams
going on on Planet Earth right now?

     Thus getting out of ones body is usually a terrifying
experience as ones perceptions start to turn on again and
one remembers why he tried to turn them off.

>        You seem to be encouraging people to kill others and/or themselves
>to free themselves of a physical burden. Most of us have enough sense not
>to listen. You have some notions that are mad and dangerous.

     What is dangerous is your interpretation of what I have said,
and not what I have said, something I must keep careful watch over.

     Spirits that get trapped in bodies, have in the past tried to
get out of them by killing them.  But the body is very much like
a Chinese Finger Trap.  The more you panic about getting out the
deeper you get stuck in.  A fully determined exteriorization
is never attained with violence or hurtful actions against a body.

     Often people who kill their bodies to escape their lives find
themselves INTERIORIZED INTO the dead body for a VERY LONG TIME.
It is the process of hurting bodies that has come to get us stuck
into them.  Thus trying to get out of them by hurting them
is sure to fail.

     Someone once said (Percival, Thinking and Destiny) that people
who committ suicide to escape a bad life condition, find themselves
IN that condition after the body is dead for a length of time
equal to what was the remaining life of the body.

     However because they do not have a body, they can do nothing
about the condition at all.  At least while the body was alive
they might have done something about it.  Attain a fully
self determined exteriorization at the least.  But by killing
the body violently or in any way on purpose to escape a condition
they get stuck with the condition for the remaining time they
would have had in the body.

     Frankly I don't believe this, but something like this could
be true.

>>     Bodies are bodies.  Why are we playing the game of worshiping
>>bodies?  Can't do without one?  Tsk, tsk.
>They do tend to make life better, yes.

     That's like saying that fucking dogs makes life better.

     How degraded can you get?

     A Body is a prison of meat.  You have hurt them, you have
felt sorry for them, you have decided to sacrifice your eternity
for them, and now you say they make life fun.

     Silly and wrong.

     Bodies were a mistake.  We fucked up, we tried to fix the fuck up,
and we fucked up more.  Finally we became what we feared most, a fragile
piece of meat, destined to be worm food.

     This is a joke of magnitude.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/25/89*Homer's Ravings: Volume Two i