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Date:         Mon, 26 Jun 89 22:07:32 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Insults
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 21 Apr 89 09:39:13 CDT from 

>   I guess it's these kind of statements that make me most skeptical about
>Homer Smith's views. It seems to me that if human beings are truly
>divine beings as Homer Smith has discovered through experience, then they
>deserve the respect owed divine beings, regardless of whether or not they've
>"discovered" their divinity and whether or not they agree with Homer Smith.

     Yes I admit I go overboard.  However the idea that beings
DESERVE anything but what they get misses the point that they
too are totally responsible for their own conditions.

     Beings are divine, but what has divinity got to do with
treating them with respect?  This sort of implies that only people
who are NOT divine should be treated with disrespect.

     Nick is also implying that HE treats beings with respect
all the time and in fact is perfect in this regard.

     If he is not, then he is expecting more perfection out of
me than he shows himself.

     If indeed he does live by some higher law better than I do,
then he is to be commended for it, but by his own words, he should
respect me and MY methods of communication even though he does
not agree with them.

     The experience of Divinity is real.  So is the innate perfection
of everyone, thus all will be saved one day.  But by this very fact
it is ok to rile on them because being rude is being perfect too,
don't you see?

      Further I don't really like people.  Even though I have had a few
Earth Shakers that show me I SHOULD like people and find them beautiful,
this does not mean I do.  The more I look, the more appalled I am
at what Creation hath wrought.

     It is all fine and dandy for me to claim that I am responsibile for
my condition, but FEELING responsibile for it when I look upon what my
condition is is quite a different matter.

     One is THEORY which may even be true (it is), the other
is PRACTICE.  I have fallen WAY below the Glory of God, in fact
I do not even understand the Mother Fucker.

     To make things worse, that Mother Fucker is myself.

     Thus when I look upon the world and its mortals, it pisses
me off no end.  Anger that probably only a God could know, giving
more credence to the idea that we are all Gods.  I express this
Anger lest I get sick and die from being polite.

     It is interesting to note that NICK, who possibly still
has doubts about everyone's Divinity, is the most adamant about being
polite to them.

     I find this to be a contradiction.

     Possibly if they are NOT divine then they NEED politeness, being
the fragile little schmoos that they are.  But once you see
they are truly God in hiding, AND THAT THEY ARE VERY BUSY DESTROYING
EVERYTHING AROUND THEM, then feeling sorry for their silly asses
vanishes, and it becomes time to lower the ax on the Mortals and
their legions of liers.

>Civility and equanimity should be the least an Immortal can extend to his/her
>fellow Mortals and Immortals.
>                      NickGeovanis-UWC6NTG@UICVMC

     Nick, you demand of me what you yourself can not deliver except
in unstressfull and polite society, and you yourself will one day
have to throw that facade of 'civility' and 'equanimity' away when
you see the brink we all teeter on because of the Mortals and their hiding.

     When you really get out of that oh so proper body of yours,
and go wandering around the rooms of the cities of this planet, and
you see what people are doing to their children, and to their
friends, not to mention their enemies, you too will get mad and
lose your cool.

     Nick are you fuming mad at no one?

     One might consider this a vast personality flaw you know.

     Considering whats going on on this planet.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/26/89*Insults