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Date:         Thu, 29 Jun 89 00:56:49 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      S and S
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     From now on, all further communications from me on the subject
of the account closing or the parties involved will
have the subject heading of S and S.

     Those of you who do not want to be involved, please delete
the mail with out reading it.

     Do not read it, and then post about how offended you are that it
ended up in your mailbox. I am affording you the opportunity
to take some responsibility for your condition in this matter.

     No one has been removed from the list who has not signed back on
in UP FRONT mode with clean hands.

     As for LUTHER, I don't understand him.  Sometimes he asks
intelligent questions, sometimes he rags on me.  He says the list
is not a free list but posts nothing to support his view.

     This list is as free as it gets.   There is no subject
that may be untouched, and no opinion that may not be expressed.
There is no subject of importance to your lives that is outside its
charter and you can scream and curse and bitch and complain all you
like as long as you match it with specifics.

     If you are frightened of me, well...

     As long as there are people on the list you will not be
talking to yourself and even I have become willing to read and
deal with my greatest annoyance, Mortals.

     In fact I enjoy it now.

     I am answering all your postings from the past two months.
I am still very far behind, so if you have asked questions recently
that take some thought on my part, (Reed, Mccabe etc.) I will get
to your postings.

     Like Jared, we wish LUTHER well in his effort to start a new
list on Religion etc.  If he wishes we can put a plug in for it
so that others might be able to join it.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/29/89 S and S