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Date:         Thu, 29 Jun 89 01:12:50 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Eggs or Not
To:           "Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List" ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 28 Jun 89 16:35:00 -0330 from

People do not have to eat meat; Homer's tiger
>comments are senseless. Tiger have little choice, people
     If my comments are senseless to you, perhaps you should try getting
a new brain, or feed it some good food.

     What you are saying is that because, as an animal, I have evolved
to a point where I KNOW I am an animal, I should then chose to NOT
be an animal.

     I can understand that maybe my animal nature is over running the
world and that I should cut back on meat in order to preserve the place,
but to say that I should not eat meat because it is BAD for me denies
the inherent perfection of evolution which made me want it in the first

     I can see that since things are now out of hand in the human
kingdom, that perhaps not eating meat would help restore the landscape
to a less over grazed condition, but if we made it a socially permanent
thing, then things would eventually swing the other way and our
prey would start to over populate and die of disease.

     I swear next you will be telling me to lay off girls too.

     I mean, hell, THAT is the source of a whole mess load of
environmental problems, now isn't it?

     Although I wouldn't mind if the place was over populated
with girls.

     God, I am such a red neck.  Where do I get it from?

 Homer               Biosphere, ecology,  6/29/89*Eggs or Not