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Date:         Thu, 29 Jun 89 18:35:42 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      S and S
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 29 Jun 89 09:14:00 CST from <86730@LAWRENCE>

>>     But now you have started sending me private mail again, snide
>>comments about the other party.  Why, are you pushing me?
>        I have not been sending you any private mail, Homer.  Let's
>cut the lies, shall we?

     I, in the above posting say that Bill sent me private E-mail
with snide comments about Larry in it.

     Bill, in the above posting says that he has not and that I am

     This is a VERY VERY VERY SERIOUS CHARGE against my integrity
as a list maintainer, and would in itself justify my removal from
the list as its moderator.

     Not only did Bill Sklar send me private e-mail,
it was HIS piece of e-mail that explicitly led me to write the posting
that I would accept no further e-mail from anyone on the list about
the S and S matter, and that if I did receive such mail, I would repost
it to the list, and if the other party complained about my breaking rules
of privacy, they would be removed FOREVER.

     My little tirades do not come from nothing.

     In general private mail send to a party should remain private.

     This can cause a problem in two ways.

     1.)  The response to the private mail may be of importance to
the whole list and should be posted to the whole list.  However if
you post only the response  to the list, it may seem out of sequitur.
Posting the entire letter with your response would violate the rules
of privacy. Unless of course you ask for pemission, but in these matters
who is going to give permission, besides which if they had wanted the
list to see their letter they would have posted it there in the first place.

     2.)  People can send you defaming material privately, and then refuse
to let you use it as evidence on the list claiming the privacy rules.
Since they know you will be unable to defend yourself, they can publically
call you a liar and you can not post the supporting evidence.

     Thus I said that all further mail sent to me about the S and S matter
would be reposted with or without a response.  This rule actually acts
to protect the innocent{ parties involved as they are the most willing
to have open communications, but does violate the privacy rights of
the private e-mail senders.

     Since Bill's private letter about Larry was sent to me BEFORE
I made my posting about reposting all private e-mail, of course
I could not post that one, although it dearly deserved to be so.

     But now that Bill has charged me will a serious HIGH CRIME,
possibly even DARING me to break the privacy rules to prove him wrong,
I hereby post the letter he sent to me, which he claims he did not,
and called me a liar about.

     Now, who is lying to who?

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         6/29/89 S and S