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Date:         Fri, 30 Jun 89 22:49:29 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Sexism
To:           Adore-l list ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 23 Apr 89 15:00:52 EST from 

>I am waiting for batch jobs to finish, and while avoiding homework
>to point out some inconsistancys in your logic...

    They always say they are going to but...

    First you must make sure you have understood what I meant
to say, not what YOU THINK I said.

>You say...
>>I have never in my entire life felt threatened by women of
>>ability, in fact, they are a pleasure to be around.
>We are glad you approve.
     I could care less.  What is your point?

>Let's take a look at these statements logically, hum? rather than with
>your somewhat warped emotionalism...
>You have been FORCED...
>If it werent for some convient women (your mother and your aunt) you wouldn't
>BE  like you are.

     My reference to being FORCED into machoism, is not reference
to women but a reference to the war hungry men they raise, who have
passed laws allowing for a draft and who have elected officials
who seem to find fun only in war.  Although one always has a choice
to run away, when one is young and dependant on societies acceptance,
it is apparent that the best way to survive is to become as tough
as possible so that when society throws you into the pit you have
some chance of suriving.  Thus as a young boy, there was a tendency
to develope macho skills that I would never have thought twice
about if it weren't for all the war on the planet.

     While I was going to college, 1969 to 1973, they started the
lottery and my draft number was 8.  That is 8 out of 365.  Thus from
my freshman year on, I knew that the day I graduated I would go
to Vietnam.  This was a certainty to me.  Can you as Little Ms. Perfect
even conceive of this let alone keep your mouth shut for a moment
to ponder it?

     Since girls don't have the problem of being used in war games,
I would not expect them to understand.  Actually I fully expect
that should understand, but many don't seem to, being too preoccupied
with their lip stick or female lovers.

>MEN have built the world as it is now (MACHO men at that)
>It sounds to me as if you are blaming women and macho men for your
>own insecurities.

     And you blame no one for your condition?  Little Ms. Perfect.

     Yes I would say that psychotic men and the women that
raise them have a great deal to do with the trouble on this
planet today.  I do not believe that perfect women raise
psychotic men, thus there is much blame to go around.

Some of the signs of your immaturity and insecurity are

     Gee, you are just SO mature I don't think I can stand the light.

>indicated in your postings that I've seen... (Such as belittling someone
>because you can't refute their logic. unnecessary name calling, defensiveness
>illogical tantrums when someone gets the better of you in an argument.)

     You SAY I cant refute their logic, you SAY someone got
the better of me in an arguement, but you do not support this,
as you cant.

>It seems to be that you wish to be superior to people by putting them
>down (this is known in psychology as an inferiority complex).

     And you are not putting me down, little Ms. Perfect?

>You can't learn from someone if you don't LISTEN to them, and you certainly
>can't learn from them if you are blaming other people for your own faults and

     You SAY I am not LISTENING to them.  This does not make it so.
It just means you are running off at the mouth.

     You also imply that my problems are ALL the result of my own

     This is ridiculous.  If I have faults, then YOU have faults, and
if YOU have faults, they too have something to do with my problems.
Just as MY faults have something to do with YOUR problems.

>You have to realize that you are in control of your own destiny.  You choose
>this lifetime to learn from it.  Did you choose this lifetime to be an
>asshole?  Or did you choose it to learn to overcome your past, and to be
>the very best person that you can be?  It is always your choice.

     This is the very first intelligent thing you have said in this
whole posting.  I was not sure you had a functioning brain, but I
guess you do.  You should operate it more often.

I remember
>most of my past lives, and what I have learned from them, and I am aware of
>this lifetime, and what I am here for.  Its not hard to do... as a matter
>of fact, there are several ways to do it.  OBE's are not the only way.
>There is meditation, and concentration, there is yoga, and spiritualism
>and yes, in some forms even organized Christianity.  Everyone chooses their
>own lifepath.  I wish you joy on yours.
     Seems to me you are WAY ahead of me in this game of remembering
past lives and what you are here for.

>As for men not developing physical prowess without also developing the
>emotional, spiritual and mental prowess to go with it.
>I know a young man that can bench press 450 lbs, he is 17.  He is quite
>strong physically, and he has tried to commit suicide 3 times since
>I've known him (and twice before that).  The past 2 years hes been doing
>very well, but I still would not say that he is in any way as mentally
>or emotionally mature as he is physically mature.  In a generalization
>such as yours, one example refutes the entire statement.

     No I guess you don't have a brain after all.  The exception PROVES
the rule, don't you know?

     OF COURSE there are some people who are unbalanced, spirits waste
the gift of their bodies all the time.  This does not refute the
idea that because male bodies have a special developement in
the physical plane, they must also have special development in the
other planes as well to handle it.

     Evolution would not have had it any other way.
Those who were lopsided for too long would have been weeded out.

     Check out your weight lifter's MOTHER, you will find why he
is suicidal.

     From ADORE,

     People do not commit suicide because they have no good reason to life.
     People commit suicide because they have no good reason to die.

>>The EARTH needs to be tamed, and women will never do it.
>Perhaps thats because women realize that the entire earth does
>not need to be tamed.

     They are too stupid to realize it needs to be tamed.

     You belong back in the 1300's without telephones, electricity,
toilets, medicine and computers upon which to write your stupid

And, I would like
>to point out that whereever men have tamed the earth,

     And thank you for admitting that MEN have tamed the earth,
and that WOMEN could not have done it without them.

     I submit to you that WOMEN find MEN more necessary to their
lives than MEN find WOMEN.  Just as CHILDREN find WOMEN more
necessary to their lives, than WOMEN find CHILDREN.  Of course
for the survival of the overall system, every one is necessary.
But in the process, credit should be given where credit is due.

>I would strongly suggest you read some history.

     I would strongly suggest that you read what I have written
carefully first, before you open your big mouth and put your
smelly foot into it.

>Women have been great scholars,

     Yeah, and I can see we have another one a borning...

have developed things like cobol and have made
>great scientific discoverys (see the biography of Madam Marie Curie) been

     I WAS Marie Curie, so if you know something I don't, I would
like to find out.

>diplomates, (Read a biography of Ellenore Roosevelt, or take a good look
>at her work, which is included in the United Nations Charter, and Human
>Rights Act).  Or take a look at any woman on the staff of a modern university.
>Look on Wall Street.  Look at the United Nations, Look At Margret Thatcher,
>What about that lovely woman that was just elected President of Pakistan,
>How about Corizon Aquino?
>Those are lovely, intelligent, feminine women that I can think of off of the
>top of my head that have made great strides forward in the history of
>science, their country, or the world.
>And you want to talk about physical bravery?? How about Christa MacAuliffe
>and Judy Resnick, to name two.

     You would do well be half as good as these women.  You disgrace
them even by mentioning their names in your 'posting'.

>Sorry, Homer, your arguments are based on unsubstanciated wanderings,
>and are not any kind of proof at all.

     YOUR arguments are based on a mind without discipline.

They are just the hysterical ravings
>of a paranoid immature little boy that is still afraid mama is going to spank.

     You are just SOOOOOO sure of yourself.

     I never said women could do nothing.  I did say that ALONE women
will not tame the world.  Yes I will look at all those women you have
named, but how about YOU looking at all the MEN you did not name.

     You charge me with making generalizations that I never made and
are obviously false anyhow.  Thus it is YOU who shows your immaturity
and your inability to read what is in front of you.

>Dragon Lady.

     REAL mature person here.

     Its more like dragon FLY lady.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/30/89*Sexism