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Date:         Mon, 06 Mar 89 23:13:18 EST
From:         Homer W Smith 
Subject:      crusades
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Nick, brings up the fact that much of Christianity evolved
out of the Vatican in Italy.

     Now this is a touchy subject, and don't none of you get offended
ok?  But I got a question.

     Italy was notorious for Facism in World War II.  Did the Facists
avow any religion?  Catholicism?  Something else?  Atheism?

     In other words did Facism have a declared and formal adherence
to any particular religion they claimed was theirs?

     In Nazi Germany, did the Nazis have an avowed religion for the
group?  I have heard that Hitler's men tried to pass him off as
a Messiah.  That is a Christian/Judeo term, and certainly Hitler
did not consider himself a Jew.  Did Hitler profess any religion?
Did he use the precepts of that avowed religion to justify his
cause against the Jews, much as the Islamics use their religion
to justify their cause against Christians?

     No one ever talks about the RELIGOUS content of World War II.
We know the Jews were the victims, but was it atheists or religious
fanatics who wanted to wipe them out?  Or an irrelevant random mixture
of both?

     Please enlighten me.

 Homer W Smith       adore-l@ualtavm      3/06/89 crusades