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Date:         Fri, 30 Jun 89 23:35:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Ego-disease, unintegrated mind.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 24 Apr 89 10:32:09 CDT from 

>   In reverse order: Yes, I ABSOLUTELY believe that the political structure
>of our defense system is built on the psychological inadequacies of insecure
>men. In my experience, many military men and others who ape them are
>extremely insecure, and build a tough shell around themselves to deny that
>insecurity and hide what they erroneously believe to be the "weakness" of
>sensitivity. This keeps them from being whole human beings, sadly. It is
>easy to observe defensive behavior on the part of the majority of men when
>confronted with an able, intelligent woman in a position of relative power.
>If you can't see this in everyday life, then you really need to heighten
>your sensitivity to the emotional states of others. The easiest person to
>start with is yourself.  I first noticed it in myself, perhaps because I
>grew up with four extremely intelligent, able, assertive sisters. This male
>defensiveness is a mental weakness, but unlike you I do not try to deny
>this weakness.

     Nick, I do not deny the weakness, I just find it hard to explain
our entire armed forces with it.

>As one family member to another, let me be presumptuous enough to offer
>you some advice. Stop trying so hard to separate yourself from others, and
>try instead to integrate yourself with them.

     OK.  But lets start drafting women too?  Draft no one, or
everyone, but it aint fair that I have to bear the burden of my
life while the women gets to suck lipstick.

     During the war years, when I was going to College, I found
it absolutely impossible to hold a serious discussion with women
about what was concerning me at the time.  They just were not
interested as THEY were not getting drafted.  Once in a while
I found one who had a brother or son who was draftable, and
they would talk, but other than that the women I tried
to approach were a god awful waste of time.

Analytical tendencies are
>useful and necessary but creation and wholeness only come from synthesis.

     Synthesis comes from fair chosen distribution of work.  If I
have to go to a war I did not chose, and women get to stay home and
watch soap operas, then synthesis is impossible.

>                            NickGeovanis-UWC6NTG@UICVMC

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