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Date:         Fri, 30 Jun 89 23:45:36 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Abortions, and lettuce.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 27 Apr 89 11:15:26 +0200 from 

>   >If we have the right to create life, we have the right to destroy...
>   Not necessarily. Once you've created life, it doesn't belong to you.
>Human life (or any other self-aware) cannot be taken by others, except in
>order to prevend another such action. This may sound to you a bit religious
>(or indeed, old fashioned) but this is truely what I believe. You wouldn't
>want someone to kill *YOU* without no reason at all ( I don't suppose you'd
>like to be killed at all...) would you? There's nothing divine about life,
>but that's all we have...
>    Ziv Caspi

     Yes, so this provides the problem.  I DO believe there is something
divine about life, and I believe that the CREATION of life should not
be put into another category from the DESTRUCTION of life.

     Maybe the reason we destroy life with such abandon, is because
we create life with such abandon.

     There are some writings about past lives, that say the
reason we are all in this world of forgetfullness is because
we created life when we were not supposed to, had sex out of
season so to speak.

     Thus perhaps it is impossible to end the senseless killing,
without giving some thought to ending the senseless birthing.

     It is abhorent to us that any control should be put on
giving birth, any permission or sanction involved, especially
since it might be the government who would get this job.
Yet we want exactly such controls placed on killing.

     In fact many consider that BECAUSE of the senseless killing,
we NEED the right have births when ever we chose as some sort
of inalienable right to make up for the losses.

     But if life is divine and must be treated with Godliness
AFTER it is born, then maybe GIVING BIRTH and GETTING PREGNANT
are divine also, and should be under some sort of DIVINE GUIDANCE.

     Thus you would have babies if and only if God told you to.

     Unfortunately, the Gods have left Earth and we have only ourselves.

     But things are running a little rampant, no...?

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/30/89*Abortions, and lettuce.