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Date:         Sat, 01 Jul 89 23:46:27 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Headaches, cancer, and toggle switches
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 30 Apr 89 21:36:00 CST from 

>        I had a headache most of the day, and since it prevented me from doing
>much useful work, I had opportunity to think about one of Homer's recent
>postings.  It didn't take long to realize how silly some of the things he said

     So now Jim, here is a perfect example of a posting that makes
me madder than hell.  (Actually this time its no big deal, cuz
I grew up some, but MADDER than HELL, got me?

     Here is this poor guy telling me how silly I am when in FACT he
may have failed to apply the principle in the right way or to completion.
In fact he has it so ass backwards, I am surprised he didn't blow up.

     Now I have a choice.  I can call him a douchebag, which I will,
YOU DOUCHEBAG, or I can help him out of his misunderstandings and get
him onto a path that I KNOW works, because I have travelled it.

     In fact soon I will tell you all about a major win on my part
using this stuff, but it will have to wait.

     So what do I do?  Should I cool it and explain patiently his
mistakes with the possibility that he will be so chagrined he
flamed me that he will not admit I was right even if I am,
or should I LET HIM BE AND HAVE HIS HEADACHES.  That would be
sweet justice now wouldn't it.

     Well just to show there is no bitterness (remember I have
ahem, I will spend some time discussing this thing in detail.

     I also know it is very hard to make these principles work,
it took me 18 years to get it even somewhat right, and it is also
hard to TALK about it in a way that people will get it the first time.

     Then of course you are always up against the fact that even if
they get it, for a while there will be lots MORE pain, and MORE body
parts rotting and falling off, and MORE symptoms, and they will
be going SCREAMING to doctors and hospitals for glue to glue their
eyes back in etc.  But if they follow through and just confont it all,
they might run it out.  Of course they might die of it too if they do
it wrong.  The Christian Scientists are famous for this.  Their FAITH
has ended them up dead and in court more times than I care to count.

     So do it right.

     It can be done wrong.

>        I know I was responsible for this morning's condition.  I didn't deny
>that to myself or anyone.  But that didn't make my headache go away any better.

>        The reason all these skeptics attack Homer is not because they are
>afraid of the truth.  Rather, he's such an easy target that nobody can resist
>taking a poke at him.  Most do.  Most connect with a heavy thud.

     You wish.  Maybe I will think about this longer, and let you
leave the list before I post why you failed.

     By the way, Jim, thanks for defending me in the next posting,
and this bozo HAS already left the list, and probably his
headaches are surviving guite well.

     Him I am not so sure about.

>                                                        Sterling
>                                                        SU0751A@DRAKE.BITNET
>P.S.:  Readers should note that because of Homer making light of these pains
>people suffer, I couldn't resist breaking out the flamethrower for parts of
>this letter.  I believe I stayed well within his 50% rule, however.

     Making light of peoples pains?

     Serious charge this.

     Yes but it is YOU who have the headache.  Not me.

     I will let you keep it for yet a while longer.


 Homer               Adore-l list         7/01/89*Headaches, cancer, and toggle