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Date:         Mon, 03 Jul 89 21:57:58 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: S and S
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 3 Jul 89 10:49:12 EST from 

iHey, Homer, I thought you said you'd drop the entire subject if Bill
>left the list.  Well, Bill left the list long before your latest tirades.
>Aren't you going to live up to your word?

     Not as long as Bill calls me a liar.  I was responding to mail
he sent while still on the list, and will continue to respond
to mail I have not yet answered while he was still on the list.

     Further he is still posting TO the list.

     Although I may have said I would drop the matter if Bill Left,
what I meant was I drop further efforts to corroborate my feelings
about him, not that I would drop all discussion of the incident
or what it entailed.

     You and Bill have continuously made an effort to make his
behavior non of my business and non of the lists business.

     You personally have been making snide comments about my abilities
as a list moderator in this matter, comments that can easily be
refuted and will be for the record.

     Your personal mail to me is nice and polite, and your public
mail to the list is snide and sarcastic.  You thus show yourself
to be two faced.

     Further you continue to send me private e-mail on the subject
of Sklar and Stimely after you KNOW I have banned it.

     I suggest you stop protecting him.  YOUR behavior is
counter productive to what you yourself wish to accomplish.

     If you stop bringing up Bill, and Bill stops bringing up
Bill, then eventually the subject will die out.  But ADORE-L
is an open list and the subject of Bill is a valid one whether
or not you like it.  The more you COMPLAIN about it being
discussed here, the more I will make sure it is.

     Especially since Bill seems to be involved in lies and
dissembling in his involement with ADORE-L.

     Further you can CALL my recent postings about Bill 'tirades'
but that does not make them so.  In fact they are very cool
headed statements of the facts as I see them.

     In fact it is YOUR postings that come to sound like tirades about
my tirades and ranting and raving about my ranting and raving.

     By posting to the list that he did not send me private e-mail
about Stimely, when in fact he did, he made himself personna
non grata on this list.  This was a direct effort to cast doubts
upon my reputation to the list memebers, when he KNEW he was lying.

     He has charged ME with doing this, when in fact I have not,
and when in fact it seems to be him who partakes in this kind of

     Further his efforts to overload the listserv with useless and
wasteful signon's and signoff's are a direct violation of
bitnet behavior affecting more than just the feelings of
members on the list.

     He has consistently refused to defend himself except to say
that I am lying about him and and know it, he refused to acknowledge
that he even knew what I was talking about in the beginning and
played sweet, dumb and innocent until it was obvious he could no
longer do so, and then when faced with his accuser, he left the list.
He had an opportunity
to clear his good name, and he did not take it, claiming it was
none of our business.

     I see what is happening, even if no one else on the list does.

     Now he continues to post to the list, expecting that others should
read his postings, but not being willing to read the responses.  Unless
he is getting them from some other source.

     As long as he posts to the list he is fair game on the list,
and frankly as long as I remember that he exists, he is fair game
on the list.

     Lois, all I can say is that you and Bill seem to be involved in
an enormous coverup, or else you would both be willing to air
all the dirty laundry and come clean in the matter.

     Even if Bill is not as guilty as I originally thought, I can
not believe that he is as lilly white as he seems to be coming across.
And this 'I am just so deeply offended and hurt by your accusations'
crap that he oozes, just make me suspect him more.

     If you want the subject dropped, then you yourself must drop it.
Then maybe it will fade out.

     But not until I deal with the mail that Bill sent and has yet
to be dealt with, and not until he stops posting to the list.

 Homer               Adore-l list         7/03/89*S and S