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Date:         Tue, 04 Jul 89 11:28:28 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Headaches, cancer, and toggle switches
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 1 May 89 08:09:14 EST from 

>   (Hold on to your seats, guys, I'm gonna defend Homer on this one. ;)
>   Now I'm not sure I understand "the way in is the way out" in the
>way Homer meant it to be understood, but I interpret it like this.
>When you start learning how to cause your own headaches (using your
>mind), you will be able to get rid of them quickly since you KNOW that
>you made them simply by wanting them.  Eventually, you will realize
>that EVERYTHING that's wrong with your body is psychosomatic (spelling?),
>and you will be able to change them at will.
>   Sure, you know how to make headaches, Sterling, and so does everyone
>else.  But, the problem with your methods is that you are sticking to
>purely physical causes.  When you "make" a headache by applying some
>physical method like alchohol, you will probably not be able dissolve
>it psychically, but will have to use other physical means  (pills,
>sleep, etc...)  Now this is only because you have allowed yourself
>to believe that the physical world can affect you in this way.
>   Have you tried using Homer's "the way in is the way out"
>philosophy?  If not, it doesn't seem very fair to call it silly,
>does it?  He's obviously convinced that it works for him, so
>maybe you should at least give it a shot before making judgement
>on it.
>   Sorry about the strong response, but I'm getting tired of
>intolerance.  I have a couple friends who I love to talk with
>about these matters, and it is VERY hard to do in public
>without getting laughed at by other people.  They seem to
>react in a VERY hostile way to ideas like this, and most would
>never even want to *try* any of these things out.  I can't
>even talk about these things in my own apartment without
>some of my roommates saying,
>       "You believe WHAT?  I think that's a load of bullshit!
>        You're fucking insane!"
>   It's interesting how immediately opposed people are to ideas
>like this, even those who seem intelligent in most other respects.
>   By the way, I haven't done much work with Homer's methods, so
>I can't say whether they would work for me or not.  I just don't
>think he's getting a fair shake when his ideas are ridiculed before
>they are understood.
>                                                Jim McCabe
>                                                MCCABE @ MTUS5.BITNET

     Now THIS is an intelligent posting.  Too bad Mccabe thinks
I am such a schmuck and left the list.

     Ah well.

     Yes, Jim is hitting the nail almost on the head.  I would go
one step further though and say that if you were in really good
shape you should be able to GIVE yourself a headache WITH ALCOHOL,
and then get rid of it directly, not with pills.

     To see that this must be true, just ask youself what
you are doing IN a body in the first place.  It is one
thing for your body to have a headache, and quite another
for YOU to be in its head having one right long with of it.

     Clearly if you could disconnect yourself from your body,
YOU would have solved YOUR headache regardless of the bodies
condition.  THEN you could also solve the bodies headache, but
this might be harder since direct physical abuse was used to create
it in the first place.  But even so, once the spirit clears up his
own condition, he can keep the body feeling good in short order
regardless of what is done to the body including torture.

     But this is a ways up.

     One of the standards of a free being, is the ability to stay
out of his body WHILE it is being hurt.  If everytime the body is
hurt the being snaps into the head, then the being will feel the
pain too, and make matters much worse for the body.

     This snapping in when the body is hurt, comes from endless
eons of feeling sorry for bodies, and protecting bodies, and
owning bodies, and being repsonsible for bodies and BEING bodies (tsk tsk)

     Its not normal.  Except for Earthlings like me and thee that is.

     Anyhow, Sterlings main problem is he is not taking responsibility
for the headache.  He is BLAMING himself, but assigning the CAUSE
of the headache to the alcohol.  He does not see what HE is doing
WHILE he is drinking, that later kicks back as a headache when he
stops doing it.

     IF he could duplicate this doingness, later the next morning,
he might very well vanish the headache, because in reality it
is not the alcohol that causes the headache but the efforts that
take place every time he drinks.  Many of these efforts are
automatic and somewhat invisible not to mention ages old,
and it is non trivial cleaning up your mind and memory to
a point where you can do drugs freely and not suffer a kickback.

     But it can be done, but not over night.

     At least not at first.  But in the end, you should be
able to take and leave drugs alone so fast you don't know
where the wind is coming from.

     Of course a person who could do this, would not need drugs,
and would be able to do them without ill effects beyond the fact
that they are most of them poisons that tend to junk up your

     But splitting headaches are the result of much more.
Mainly stuff the person is FORGETTING while under the influence.

     As I said I am going to go into this in detail over the next
weeks and months.

 Homer               Adore-l list         7/04/89*Headaches, cancer, and toggle