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Date:         Thu, 06 Jul 89 03:04:02 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      S and S
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     The reason I have forbidden private e-mail on the subject
of Sklar and Stimely is that it is unfair to both parties to
have me receive data, insults, slander, or what have you that
everyone on the list can not see.

     This is not a private matter between me and Sklar, it is
a security matter between the LIST and the parties involved.

     Larry, Lois, Bill and everyone else, please stop sending
me private mail on this subject.  I WILL repost it to the list.
If it is none of their business, then it is none of my business too.

     It may be true that I was harsh on Bill, I really do not like him,
and from his last letter to me long ago, he really does not like me.

     However I have never fabricated things about him, nor have I said
things that I KNEW were lies.

     I MAY have said things that were untrue, and I may have spoken
without having checked the data as well as I could have, but at no
time have I been directly dishonest in my dealings with this matter.

     I do not have it out for Bill or Larry.

     However Bill HAS done things ON ADORE-L which under normal
circumstances would make him unsuitable for the list, such as lying about
sending me derogatory private e-mail about Larry which has
since been reposted.  This is intolerable behavior.

     Larry however has requested that if Bill signs back on to ADORE-L
that he be allowed to stay (to be roasted by Larry presumably.)

     I concede to this under the following conditions.

     I am not going to take sides in the thing between Larry and

     Larry does not need me to help him defend himself, and Bill
does not need me taking sides with Larry.

     Besides in present time I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE TRUTH REALLY IS.

     So I am out of it, got it guys?

     However if either party starts to violate ADORE-L policies,
THEN I may step in again for at that moment it becomes a matter
between the transgressor and me.

     I will not be a go between between the two parties or anyone else.

     Bill has a non communication order on Larry, and I can not
help Larry get around that by passing messages to Bill for him.

     I have a non communication order on Bill, I have said
I do not want any more private mail from him 3 or 4 times.
Thus it is not possible for ME to send HIM private e-mail
especially for a third party.

     The non communication order extends to Lois and Larry
and all the rest of you if the private mail is on the subject
of S and S.  I WILL repost it.

     The readers of this list have a right to know the content
of the sub sludge that gets sent via private e-mail.

     However Larry may post freely to ADORE-L as long as he has
content (facts, evidence, specific opinions) to match his flame thrower.

     Thus if any of you would like to contact Bill and invite
him back onto the list, please do so.

     It is highly probable that he wants nothing more to do with

     Larry on the other hand is pissed off that Bill has left just
as Larry joined.  Larry probably feels that Bill is chickening out
just the facts are about to be laid out.

     Of course no one has a duty to face his accuser, only a right,
and I have provided that by granting ADORE-L as a viable forum
for them to have it out on.

     In my personal opinion, if I were Bill, I would have stayed
on the list and defended myself to the bitter death.  I would
have gone to the administrators involved, and gotten them to
write the list detailing exactly what I had done, and why.
Or I would have reposted the original letter that cumulated
in the account closing to show that closing the account was
never requested.

     In some sense, it may be true that none of this is any
of our business, but it IS Bill's business, and it is unfinished.
Regardless of the propriety of what happened afterwards, upto
and including my now infamous posting about Bill, Bill seems
to be surrounded by consequences, hostilities and animosties that he is
not only totally unaware of but does not seem to care about enough
to clear the air.

     You know at worst, if Bill HAD directly asked for the closing
of Stimely's account, all he would have had to do was say he did it
but would not do such a thing towards ADORE-L members and that would
have been the end of it.

     If Bill did NOT directly ask for the account to the closed, then
it would seem that it should be important to HIM that he clear the
misunderstandings that seem to be building up around the thing.

     I would really like to know if I blasted Bill unfairly,
but all I have to go on is his behavior on this list starting
with his signing on in CONCEAL mode and ending with his knowing abuse
of the listserver systems with false signons and signoffs.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      7/06/89 S and S