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Resent-Date:  Wed, 12 Jul 89 09:51:23 EDT
Resent-From:  Homer 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm
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----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I retract all that I said (except the part about you coming on too
strong), and hope that you will rejoin DISARM-L.  They mostly want you
back, and you have at least one strong supporter.  I am swearing off
the list for a few days, and I shall keep all of my 'personal' beefs
with you off-line or to myself.

I hope that you reconsider; it would be shame to think that you left a
list you enjoyed because I made a few comments.


York University          |"_Wanting_ to think is one thing;
Department of Philosophy |      having a talent for thinking another"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada |                          - L. Wittgenstein (CV 44)

     Why say things if you then retract them?

     Your comments on DISARM have nothing to do with my leaving,
it is your PRESENCE on DISARM and the fact of your communicating
ot authorities about me.

     You SAY that i never had permission to 'defame and bully'
on on SEPTICS-L,  yet you conveniently leave out any mention of the
comments by McKendree that sparked my tirade.

     This is because McKendree's world view matches your own,
mortal to the end, and you do not give a damn about the truth, only
that people who side with you be given leeway to debunk at will
the immortal spiritual nature of our beings.

     You talk about how the list is not for defaming and bullying,
yet every single posting on your stupid stupid list is totally
directed at debunking, defaming and bullying anyone who has
a shred of spirituality left in them.

     You are welcome on ADORE-L, but you stand in HIGH TREASON
on the list, and you will be treated like the slime mold you
really are.
 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      7/12/89 more apologies