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Date:         Wed, 12 Jul 89 11:12:09 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      resolution
To:           "Norman R. Gall" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 12 Jul 89 10:57:43 EDT

>I'd like to point out to you for the last time exactly what the facts
>are with regard to contacts at Cornell or any other University.  If
>you choose to ignore the truth, it is your privilege to do so... I
>won't feel any more responsibility to provide it for you.
     Why do you think I am ignoring the truth?  I do not have it
out for you to persecute you unfairly.  It was your own
comments on DISARM that got you into hot water.

     I am not on DISARM at the moment, but from what Jane has been
passing on to me, you seem to be defending yourself quite well.

>At no time, did I ever send a message (by voice, e-mail, or post) to
>any University Administrator regarding you.  At no time did I ever
>initiate contact with any Academic Computing Services employee
>regarding you.  I _did_ however receive two such inquiries from said
>employees.  One from CORNELLC and one from UALTAVM.  Both expressed
>concern over the occurances on SKEPTIC and PSI-L and I did not ask
>them from whence they found out--I felt it none of my business and
>frankly I couldn't have cared less.  Their concern was for the readers
     I understand that there were CORNELL people on both lists,
I took that risk when I posted to the lists.  I am surprised they
did not confront me directly.  It is perfectly acceptable that you
receive a call from them and discuss their worries.  It is not
acceptable that they made such a call, but that is not your

c) I thought that
>someone that knew you might take you aside and express concern over
>the 'vehemence' with which you argue and should try to pursuade you to
>'tone it down' a little, and d) that any revoking of privileges would
>be reactionary, extreme, unnecessary, and counter-productive (you
>might have a c programme due that Friday...)

     Here you were treading on dangerous waters.  If any of my
'privilegdes' had been revoked, there would have been hell to
pay all the way around.

     The people at Cornell probably know this, which is why
I probably never heard a word from them until now indirectly from you.
>You continually posture yourself in such a manner that makes me think
>that you are somewhat paranoid.  I mean really... if you've written to
>anyone in Cornell's administration, you are going to look mighty

     Norman what are you talking about.  I have written no one at Cornell
about anything and it never even crossed my mind to do so.  I have no
tracks to cover here.  I am very very very well known at Cornell,
everyone is totally terrified of me and with good reason, and I am sure
that if they had felt it worth the trouble that would have surely
ensued, they would have approached me long ago.

     I did write to my super god at UALTAVM as they do not know me,
and ADORE-L is in constant danger by its little own lonesome.

They won't know what the hell you are talking about for the
>simple reason that I never DID talk to any of them...  when I referred
>to 'administration' before I was referring to ACS administration...
>That's what we call them here at York (amongst other things)
     I am certainly not out to try to make you look wrong to them,
or to repair any damage done by writing to them about you.  Since
they called you, you did little damage anyhow.

>I got the impression from the message I got from CORNELLC that it was
>simply some guy in ACS who knew you and was concerned for you. i.e.
>didn't want to see you in any trouble.  If he didn't talk to you, then
>I doubt that it went any further than that.
    Yes, probably just someone who didn't want me get into too much
trouble.  There were only a few cornell people on the psi-l list
at the time.  As I said I knew about them, and I took that risk.

>I don't know anyone except the Vice-President Academic in my
>University's Administration.  Cool off and relax.  There is no
>conspiracy to see you swing.
     Maybe not from you.  But its good to hear you say it.

>In fact, I have been reviewing any reason I might have for writing
>this letter... and I have few.  Perhaps I simply want to see you have
>the truth.  I'm the only one who is conversant with ALL the facts.  At
>any rate, I thought I owed you at least this.

     Ok, I buy it.  I presume the UALTAVM person was just another
person on PSI-L or SKEPTICS and not related to my list there.
>Good luck to you..... my only advice to you is 'don't piss off the
>wrong people.'

     I have spent my whole life trying to make sure I AM the wrong
person to piss off.  The people at Cornell piss me off all day long
all the time.  Thus although I take your words seriously, my
pissing off the wrong people is a way of life with me.

 Homer               Norman R. Gall       7/12/89 resolution